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Sheldon 🙂


The ‘F’ Word

monkeyWe live in a fast paced world. That much is certain, but what does it cost to live by the watch. Think about it, we have designed our clocks to be small, to have the ability to be strapped to our body, and to be a fashion statement. Time is our ruler, at least it seems that way. I was recently at a meeting and found myself looking at the watch, not because I had other plans, but simply to know the time. This habit, no, this obsession with time is rooted not only in our culture, but also our own psyche.

We are taught growing up to schedule our time wisely. To create a budget for time, as if it is a commodity which will soon be gone.  This is the culture side of things. Whereas an obsession with beauty and youth is a result of time seeping into our psyche. How many songs have been written with the theme, “die young.” Where the vain and the desperate sing their melodic anthems on top of hard beats and perhaps a guitar solo. Now, before we go further, I want to address that this is not a generational theme, but an industrialist theme. Since the rise of the industrial age and beyond, developed nations have increasingly worshiped youth. While this desire for eternal youth can be seen historically as well, i.e. the search for the fountain of youth, but in a world where time is our god or goddess, we take youth to the extreme.

Likewise, the worship of time leads to a need for success at any cost. If we continue using this analogy that time is a god or goddess among men and women, then what is sacrificed to this unkind deity? In any faith with a deity there is always a form of sacrifice or libation. Tithing in many Christian faiths, berries and nuts in many Pagan faiths, as well as tobacco in some Native American traditions of faith. So, time, also requires a sacrifice. I believe it is the most strict of sacrificial criteria, our own essence, our soul, our youth, our ability to love and grow. When it’s “crunch-time” we get stressed and when we get stressed our mental and physical health falters. To satisfy the clock, is to sacrifice your own self.

This leads me to the focus of this blog post. It is not to point fingers at any group, nor to criticize a behavior, but to perhaps warn the public. The ‘F’ word is a diabolical little word that can be perceived as flippant, or unnecessary to our success-driven, youth-hungry society. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about ‘fun’. When is the last time you settled down, put your watch away, and actually lived? Let’s take a moment for ourselves and no longer work for the clock, but live for today.

Just a thought. 

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What is a paradigm you ask? It is an internal road map that was created by our social surroundings, our family, and our own mentalities. Something that not many people realize is that these paradigms can be debilitating at times and keep us as a person from our real dreams, impeding us from reaching our true destined goals.

Let’s think about this a bit more. When we are children we are fueled by passion. There is a sense of “I can do whatever I want!” When people ask, what do you want to be when you grow up, you simply reply with whatever you have fixated on at that point in your life, but as we grow older we are told to get an education, to find a career, and to stick with the mundane. Where has the passion gone?!

These are negative paradigms. A voice in our heads says we can’t do certain things because we aren’t rich, we aren’t pretty, we aren’t smart. This stems from us choosing to limit ourselves. Friends, today is not the day to sit placidly on the side lines. Take your power back! Be who YOU want to be, not what anyone else wants you to be. You are a treasure, not garbage.

If you want to start your own business, start researching how to do it! Make a game plan and stick with it.

If you want to quit your job and do something new, DO IT! Make the decision to love yourself, and to have faith in your decisions, change your paradigm riddled with fear and be a success! Have your plan, set it into motion, and be blessed!

I will be doing this with you, changing my paradigms of fear, rerouting my internal road map so that I can live to my full potential! Join me! 🙂

A prayer to help:

God and Goddess I love thee so, Help me understand this internal woe. Break me free, raise me up, I pray blessings fill my cup. Blessed be!

Blessings friends!!


Pagan Graphics

Here are a few interesting graphics I designed for a class. I hope you enjoy them! Blessings!

Also, feel free to save them and use them 🙂 Just give credit where credit is due! love and light!

A Guest Blog: Andrea’s Story

Mystic Goddess

We all have our stories. I find that telling these stories are meant for a reason, they are the power inside of us, the keys of attraction. After someone shares their life experience and their reasons behind their decisions and to see how they have grown.

The following is a story of one of my friends. She posted it and it made me really think, people who grew up in church, but had the soul and spirit of a Pagan, how do they feel? Where are they now?

Here is a short biography about Andrea, her story of being a witch, and following that, the actual story, I will post some thoughts afterwards.

Her Autobiography:

My name is Andrea Whitehead. I was born on 14 February 1989 into a very Christian family. One of my great great grandfathers actually helped establish a well-known church in my town many years ago. I first expressed signs of being a witch when I was a little girl. I loved to draw and my subject matter was ALWAYS women in dresses with every type of hair, eye and skin color. I loved fairies, astronomy, unicorns and mythical things and was very imaginative. In the ninth grade I got very interested in Witchcraft, but I was afraid of it because of my upbringing. I made a conscious decision to continue to follow Christianity. After high school, I attended a private Christian college because I felt myself slipping away from the faith I’d always been comfortable with. Overall, attending such a school had the opposite effect. In the midst of soul searching, I was able to look at things for the first time without a Christian bias. I was led back to Witchcraft by my fascination with the human aura. From there, I found numerous subjects which captured my interest that I’d always been wary of before. (My strong points thus far seem to be sympathy magick, and crystals; I have also been known to have a few psychic experiences and my clairvoyance is opening back up). This ultimately led to me discovering my Magickal Self and awakening to who I am meant to be. I am currently in training to be a Priestess because I have been convinced that I have been called by the Goddess to do so. I know it will take a lot of work because my upbringing has taught me to close off a lot of my awareness and abilities with which we are all born, but if She believes that I have what it takes, that is all I need to keep moving forward. I have much to learn, but I am looking forward to growing as a Witch and experiencing all of the wisdom the Craft has to offer.


Her Story:

“When I was a Christian, I went to church because I needed Spirituality. I needed to feel the loving power of Jesus. I needed to be reminded of Love. I needed comfort. I did NOT go to socialize… that aspect of church always made me uncomfortable. I never liked people coming up to ask me how I am and then only half-listen to my response before wandering off again or giving false interest in what I’m saying. I never liked crowds. You can ask anyone, when I went to church, it was NEVER to socialize. Nothing wrong with that, of course, it just wasn’t my thing. They weren’t really my kind of people anyway… Into sports, gatherings, frisbee, etc. I never liked those things. I wasn’t (and still am not) a social person. I am quiet, shy, and keep to myself around large groups of people.


So now that I am a witch, why would I go to church? I no longer need to Christian Spirituality; I have found one that suits me better. What would be the point in going church? Not only is it boring and repetitive to the point of having my ears bleed but I have come to find that a lot (not all) of the Christian attitude and viewpoint sickens and disgusts me. The great love of Jesus — I can handle that. Preaching against homosexuality, witches, (that would be me, hint hint) and the general mindset behind jokes, thought processes, beliefs, etc –I can’t handle that.


Mom asks me to go with her often. I wish I could say yes. And a lot of times, I think the only thing stopping me is the issues listed above. But no, there’s more than that… If I go to church with my mom JUST TO MAKE HER HAPPY, I’d not only be damaging my morale but I’d be lying to her. You see, the Christian mindset is that if you see someone who is “lost”, you pray for them. You pray for them to “come back to God”. My mom has been praying for me. If I went to church that would make her think my mind is changing… that would make her think her prayers are working. And I am sorry, but any prayer with the intent of changing someone’s soul.. With the intent of changing someone’s beliefs or philosophies is a prayer wasted. I am a GOOD person. I do my best to be kind, empathetic, giving, understanding… WHY would you want to change me? I like who I am. To the trained Christian mind, being a good person isn’t good enough (which is something I also have an issue with). All the good you do means NOTHING if you aren’t a Christian. And I hate that she must think that all the good of who I am just cancels out. I find it so insulting that a Christian may look at someone who is good and still feel the need to pray for them to change.


All my life I have been taught that the idea that there are many paths to God is a LIE. That the ONLY TRUE path to God is through Jesus. This is the most damaging concept to Christianity because it disallows them to let others “live and let live”. (especially if they care about you).There are in fact, many paths to God. I am following one. Christianity is also a valid pathway. I just wish they’d understand that. My choices are my own, my spirit is my own. As soon as someone says “I don’t believe in Hell” or “I don’t believe in Heaven” their mind doesn’t even take time to ponder “Gee, I wonder why this person doesn’t believe in that” or “What if there isn’t a heaven or a hell?” it just automatically overwrites that as a silly statement, a lie to be overlooked. Shouldn’t belief be based on the tough questions instead of what you’re spoon fed?


Mom tries so hard to show me verses in the Bible that shows me where I am “wrong” but what a lot of Christians don’t understand is that I GREW UP HEARING THAT. I KNOW! You can point it out and preach it to me all day and it doesn’t matter because I don’t believe in the validity of most of the bible! I know that you think homosexuality and witchcraft and a bazillion other things are wrong because the bible tells you that. I know that you think I am buddies with the Devil (whether I know it or not because the Devil disguises himself as an Angel of light and is the master deceiver, yadda yadda…) I know ALL of this. So it really does no good. I KNOW what the Bible says. I KNOW what Christianity preaches. I KNOW how you think… And I don’t buy it.


Maybe someday when she accepts the fact that I am a witch, that I am not going to revert back to Christianity… when she accepts who I am and becomes tolerant and stops praying for my soul and worrying about my eternal salvation, I will go back. Just for old time’s sake. Just to show her that stepping inside a church won’t make me sizzle and burn.”


My Comments:

Andrea, you are a strong and very loving person. I find it beautiful that this experience brought you back to what you always felt, the love and power of the God and Goddess. They love you and are always on your side, you never have to fear darkness. The path of a Priestess is not only about abilities or the twisting of energy, but of finding light in every person and finding the God and Goddess in everything. This means to bring forth love and call down the elements to honor and praise the Deities we serve and coexist. Never lose sight of ritual and tradition. Even though abilities are fun and gifts, they are small mechanisms, in a full machine.

Light and love is sent and I will light a candle to send support for your journey.

Love to all.

Blessed Be!