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Dearest all!

I hope this new post finds you well. In case you have been wondering where I have been, well….The answer is not so easily nor quickly answered. Long story short, I am about to receive my Master’s degree here in the USA and have been working on about 6 projects. One of which I will tell you about NOW!

I have written and self-published my very own book. Yes, my friends, I am now a published author. 🙂 (Hold the applause). The book, entitled “The Lythia Tradition of Paganism and Witchcraft” Within the confines of its pages you will find tons of information on the faith that I follow (Lythia) and many many many practical uses of its teachings. I have also included in-depth ritual examples for each major holiday!

I know that many of my readers are interested in spell work, SO as to not disappoint  I have also included several spells, incantations, and prayers. As well as many examples of how to and when to use each one.

As of right now, my book is available for purchase world-wide on or or wherever you hail from, be assured you can order my book. For those lovely people who own a Kindle, you can download it there as well.

Much Love: Sheldon

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Summer Treat: Kale Chips!

Kale is a tasty and very healthy green leafy vegetable! Like other vegetables of this type, it packs a punch of iron, so if you have issues with blood production and other sort of blood related issues, these healthy chips are a wonderful treat.

My friend Hannah heard of these healthy edibles and she wanted give them a try! So, we decided to go for it! Here is the recipe and a documented how-to guide to these tasty snacks. Use this recipe as an excuse to try something new with your friends or your family. Cooking together not only brings a smile to your face and stomach, but it brings people closer together. Fun activities form memories, and these moments will stay with you forever because they are formed from adventure and love. Friends and family are important, share your experiences and your lives together.

What you will need:

Kale, Olive Oil, and Salt/Creole Seasoning

To begin, remove the leaves from the stem of the Kale and place on a paper towel to dry. You want your kale leaves to be dry so that they will crisp up in the oven, rather than steam and wilt.

Now, place them on a flat baking sheet and sprinkle olive oil over the leaves, about 1-2 tablespoons will do it.

Now move the leaves around and make sure that each leaf has oil on them, this will make them crispy

Place them in a 350 degree oven and bake for 12 minutes. At the 12 minute marker check and see if they are crispy, if they are not, then put them back in for about 2 more minutes, checking again.

Pull them from the oven and immediately add your seasoning. Any seasoning will work, to be honest. Plain salt is wonderful, but we decided to use creole seasoning. This can be purchased at your local super market.

Disclaimer: Do not add your seasoning until afterthe chips are baked. Adding any salt-based product to the kale will pull out excess water and will cause them to steam rather than dehydrate, which is what you are trying to achieve.

Drying the Leaves on Paper Towels

Kale on a Baking Sheet

Place in a 350 Degree oven


Check for Crispness

Season to taste

Keith enjoying a fresh Kale Chip!

Hannah and I enjoying our Kale Chips





I hope you enjoy these! They are very tasty and only cost about $1.25 to make 10 cups of chips.Adults and children will love these kale chips!Have a great day!

Blessed Be!

A Blessing Moon Reminisces

The blessing moon was in fact, a blessing. The July full moon has been given this nickname because it is energized, strong, and ready to fill everyone who stands under it with positive energy and love.

I was without internet so I could not inform everyone about this year’s Blessing Moon, I apologize.

But regardless, you have been filled with energy and positivity. This moon is very special, because it is the sign of the God and Goddess together. The moon would not shine without the sun and the tides would not swell without the power of the moon. We must always know that the God and Goddess are working together to keep us afloat in this vast and deeming world. This moon is warm and powerful, and it reaches into your very core tickling your soul, if you allow it to.

As I walked outside with a dear friend of mine on the night of this year’s Blessing Moon I was filled with a positive light. I bowed my head and took a little time to pray and give thanks to the God and Goddess for everything they have done for me this year and how far they have helped me progress in my life.

I think we should all take this mid-year moment to realize all of the blessings in our lives. Being thankful should be an everyday act. Be thankful for your friends, family, for sunlight, for moonlight for the air. Anything that brings you joy, be thankful for!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Blessed Be!

Litha – The Summer Solstice

Tomorrow is the 2012 Summer Solstice, June 20.

This is also known as Litha, it is the longest day of the year. With all of those hours of sunlight, what better way to celebrate this blessed day than to be outside with friends and family? Soak in as much Vitamin D as you can today! The sun has warmed up and is loud and proud!

This is a celebration of the God. Therefore any ritual you choose to do, will most likely involve fire to represent the sun. Have a party with close friends and family. A barbeque would be very appropriate, what is more “mid-summer” than a barbeque feast? If you are a vegetarian, don’t sweat it! There are plenty of barbeque items that sport a non-meat menu (Grilled corn on the cob, potato salad, squash, Fruit). Also, since you are trying to symbolize the God and the fire of the Sun, try and spice up your food (if you can tolerate it!)

Items for your alter will be very simple, Seasonal items such as fruit would be a great adornment or sacrifice. Candles are a must because it represents the sun and the God.

Having a fire ritual would be great. This does not have to be extravagent, simply have a pit fire, or large bon-fire if you wish, and pray around it with your hands held. Feel the power of the flame enter your body and let it warm your soul. Meditate on the God and the blessings he has bestowed. Pray a group prayer celebrating faith, power, and love.

Here is a group prayer that would be great to use:

God of the afterlife, ruler of the day

We call you near us, in pure love and harmony

Be near our souls, and warm us through and through

This family and flame is a symbol of You

Link us now in faith and power

We say blessed be, in this beautiful hour

Blessed Be, and by the God we so mote it be!

Today is a day of love, life, and the God. Feel the ancient power of the sun, get out and PLAY! The sun is for us to enjoy, don’t spend this Litha 2012 inside like a hermit.

Love to all,

Blessed be! Sheldon