Readings of Clarity! For a limited time.

Well, everyone, it is that time of year again. The time when I open up, for a short time, readings of clarity. These are psychic readings that give perspective to your life. They are all, of course comprehensive and have the reading plus annotated information that I add to explain what each reading means.

Special Note: All proceeds go directly to Pentacles of Pride Int. an international nonprofit focussing on aiding and strengthening the Pagan community at large! Thank you. 🙂

There are three options:

1) A General Clarity Reading: This reading gives insight and advice for your life in general allowing you to look at situations and find freedom from anything that may be on your mind or keeping you from realizing your goals. Only $15 Click here to order. 

2) A Reading of Clarity plus 5 specific questions. Like the General Clarity Reading, an overview of situations and advice on addressing them is given, but with this reading you will also receive answers and advice on five questions that you ask specifically. Only $20 Click here to order today!

3) A year-long reading of clarity: This is the most comprehensive and insightful reading of them all. This gives information on situations that will arise throughout the coming year and gives strategies that you can use to address each one. This reading will break down each month’s situation and evolution with advice for each one. Most range from 6-12 pages of information. Only $35 for year-long insight! Click Here to order!


Don’t miss your chance to find clarity!

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Click here to order your Reading of Clarity plus 5 specific questions!

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Sheldon 🙂



Lythia Pagan Fasting Schedule

Lythia Paganism has man traditions that are upheld strictly. Of course the practitioner can choose for themselves if they wish to uphold them, but it is a part of the faith to fast at certain points throughout the calendar year. Below is a quick guide to the fasts and explanations why. I hope this sheds some light! Make sure to check out the Vlog for additional information on this topic and others.

Likhert (Leek-hairt): This is the first fast. It occurs one week before Imbol c. Lythia practitioners fast all dairy products for 7 days, then on Imbolc the fast is broken with a feast of dairy and other products.

Mirelupt (Mee-ray-loopt): The second fast. This fast occurs for the Summer Solstice until Lughnasadh. During this fast, practitioners cover their head during the daylight hours. This fast symbolizes reverence to the God and Goddess. In the morning a pre-meditated pray is said while putting the head covering on, and at night another pray is said when removing the head covering. (These prayers are made by the individual, family unit, circle that are celebrating this fast) Head coverings can range from a traditional head covering, or a baseball cap (this is a modern alternative).

Lierna (Lee-air-nuh): The third fast is the longest fast. It begins the day after Lughnasadh and ends at Sundown on Samhain. During this fast, the practitioner is not to cut their hair in any way. This is a symbol of the journey of the God from the physical world into the Spirit world.

Vornai (Vor-neigh):   This fast begins two weeks before the first day of Yule. The practitioner chooses something to fast. Yule is a gift giving holiday and it is the celebration of the rebirth of the God.  And so, by fasting something that is prevalent in our lives, we know the joy and blessings of the gift we receive on Yule.

Have a blessed day everyone! Love and light!