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Here is a bit of an insight into my world. It has been so long since I have posted, and this is why. I have been busy with school and other personal things, I am getting back to the God and Goddess and I hope to share my world with you. Get ready friends, The God and Goddess do provide and will never forsake you. Blessings to all!

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Blessings and light, love this night, you are not alone, the God and Goddess grant all prayers and will grant you a renewed life. Blessed be!!!

The Colors Pagan Priesthood (Lythia Paganism)

These are embellished Robes (This is perfectly fine) Degree 1 Priestess

The faith I follow is a very small portion of Paganism, we are known as the Lythia Pagans.

This is a new group based on old principles of solitary and coven practices. We are not a Wiccan group, but Pagan alone. These practices and traditions have been passed down to us by our ancestors and we live in tandem with the spirits of the earth and the elements of water, earth, air, fire and spirit.

The robe is floor length and must have a hood. In this faith, during rituals the head must be covered to show reverence to the God and Goddess.

The Priesthood is a very sacred and long process. One must be devoted to the faith and decided to come into the priesthood upon one year of independent study. During this time fasting and other rituals are to be performed, at the conclusion of this year the priest/priestess will stand before a council and be present their first degree robes. There are ten degrees. Each year raises a degree.

First/Second Degree: White robe. This symbolizes the purity of heart and the clean slate on which the faith for the God and Goddess can be written. This is a one year commitment to the color of robe. It must be worn at rituals and circle meetings if the meeting is a formal gathering. This is also the time the Priest can be ordained if they wish to perform hand fasting and funerals.

Third/Fourth Degree: Red robes. This symbolizes the element fire, and the passion of the human spirit. This is a time of charity and spreading light into the world. The Sacrifice of money, and other material objects occurs during this time. This is a two year commitment.

Fifth/Sixth Degree: Green robe. This symbolizes a connection with the earth. During this time the priest/priestess will spend much time in nature, learning about herbs and the healing properties that occur naturally. This is a two year commitment.

Seventh/Eighth Degree: Purple robe. This symbolizes a spiritual period. The priest/priest will focus on the God and Goddess and their lives, making sacrifices of time and energy. This is a two year commitment to the color purple and spirituality. This is also the time that the practitioner can be given an Athame to use. In this tradition the athame is a very dangerous tool because according to legend it can cut the soul and actually sever its connection to the God and Goddess if not used correctly. The Athame is passed down from the elders of the group to the seventh degree priest/priestess.

Ninth/Tenth Degree: Black robe: This is a six year commitment. The black robe symbolizes the binding of oneself. It is internal discovery of the God and Goddess and how they work from within. The previous years of the priesthood will guide them.

After this ten year process, the new priest will stand before a council and be ordained completely and will be appointed a “Charge.” This charge is someone new to the faith in need of guidance. This priest will teach them all they know.

At this point the Priest/Priestess can enter the High Priesthood path.

The High Priesthood path is as follows

First Degree: White Robe with a Gold sash. This is the first step in the High Priesthood. During this time the Priest/Priestess will form a group (Also known as a Coven) that meets at least once a month. This is a three year commitment.

Second and Third Degree: Red Robes with black sash: In these two years the High Priest will perform the Beltane ritual with his coven. These years are dedicated to the symbolized color of passion. The passion of human body, and the soul, this is in commemoration to the God and Goddess and their passion that formed the world we live and the universe that it surrounds. This is a two year commitment.

Fourth and Fifth Degree: Green robe with red sash: This symbolizes the mixing of the elements. This is a time where the High Priest will learn the protection prayers for himself and his coven. Once these are memorized and mastered, at the end of this 2 year journey, he/she will perform the ritual to protect his coven fully. He/she is now the full leader of the coven; the elder members no longer guide this new High Priest/Priestess.

Sixth and Seventh Degree: Purple robe with gold sash. This is a time of spiritual awakening, when the Priest/Priestess must make a conscious decision of the God and Goddess. He/she will pray and study for this 2 year period and write the dreams and thoughts of this time and share them with the council, interpreting them and creating lessons for newer Pagans. This is a 2 year commitment.

Eight, Ninth, and Tenth: Black robes with a white sash: This is a one year reflection period where the new High Priest/Priestess will review his past 19 years and reflect his life with the God and Goddess. At the end of this year he/she will be a full priest/priestess.

Once the practitioner is a complete priest/priestess the practitioner can choose to wear any color robe they choose from their journey if they need a specific type of energy, or want the color to symbolize something to the coven. As a full Lythia priest/priestess the main robe is a gold-trimmed white robe with a golden sash. The gold-trim symbolizes completion of the priesthood’s path.

Along with the robe, a priest/priestess must wear a circlet denoting their familial path (these will be discussed in a later post)

Love to all!

Blessed Be! Sheldon