The Lythia Rede

I have had a lot of people come to me asking what the Lythia rede is. My sect of Paganism is called Lythia Paganism, if you did not know already.

Below I have provided our Rede. It has been translated from Lythia 🙂

On the wings of the dove

The words of this rede are forged in love

God and Goddess, rulers of this world and the next

I vow to put you above the rest

You alone hold my soul in your hands

I vow to shine my light throughout the lands

Love is held within my heart

May it be shone through words, actions, and the arts

I am the face of the Goddess and God on earth

I shall spread light, love, and mirth

My dedication shall be seen through prayer, action, and sacrifice

I shall strive to live void of vice

I vow to be faithful in this life and the next

May fullness of life by my quest

I shall send and receive three by three

Thus I live a life of purity

My path is written upon every sacred tree

And by the God and Goddess Blessed Be

Have a blessed day everyone!