New Videos and Live Broadcast!

Hello all!

I hope this message finds you well. I am traveling to the lovely land of Canada, on the 23rd-28th, while there I will be communing with a very good friend of mine, Alan Jay. He is a lovely soul and a very gifted psychic and spiritual psychotherapist with certification in Angel Therapy®. We will be posting two videos on my main Youtube page CLICK HERE to access the previously made videos, and to find the new ones in the following days.

Another exciting project we will be doing on is a live feed video. This will be hosted through my Youtube channel once again. You can submit questions and comments through Twitter, e-mail, and comments on a later post concerning the topic video, so be aware of that post.

The videos that will be posted on January 24th and 25th will be “Love Magick” and “Spellcasting.” These videos will voice how-to’s as well as the nature of love magick and spellcasting that we believe have been skewed over the years. We invite comments and video responses.

Understanding Love

Understanding, this is what many of us wish to gain. We wish to understand life and all that it has to offer, we want to understand love, and we learn to understand why bad things happen in the world.

Living without understanding leaves many people afraid because the unknown is one of the most terrifying concepts of this world. Not knowing what’s next, not knowing which step to take, and not being sure of your own emotions.

We fear what we do not understand. We search for answers outside of us. “Why did this happen?” “Who/what is responsible?” As we search for these answers we lose sight of what really matters. Love, the God and Goddess, our families, and ultimately we lose ourselves.

Many times in life we forget that understanding is within us all, we simply have to find the will to access it. Since we don’t understand ourselves we fear what’s inside, we fear understanding because of the uncertainty of the journey to get there.

When hiking up the mountain to get to Macchu Picchu, there is a struggle through rain, land, and unfamiliarity of the surrounding area. The night will fall and when we cannot see, then we can no longer see the path and our uncertainty is even more intense and thus more terrifying.

To understand the world around us and the situations that arise in our lives, we must understand ourselves and love ourselves.

As a culture, we have taken ourselves out of the equation allowing everyone else, and material things to fill our voids. These chasms of disillusioned love have made us callous and afraid of our own hearts and when emotions and true love come to us, we lose sight of the blessings it has to offer, the healing power it wishes to place upon us. We become wrapped up in the question, “What’s next?” To understand love and the purity it has to offer, we must first allow ourselves to love. We must allow our hearts to open.

Always remember, love does not have the ability to hurt. True love is pure, kind, unconditional. The heart closed by caution and infected by the septic slime of fear will never usher in true love, and thus only infatuation and pain can come forth.

My friends, we must find love within ourselves, for only by this can we truly love another.

Here is a prayer that I have found myself using from time to time. I hope it helps you find the love and understand in your heart.

Oh Great Mother and Father

I call to You and ask for this

To love like tomorrow will not exist

To open the window of my soul

To allow my heart to be abundant in love

To see myself as love

To know myself as love

To be love

I am love for I am the child of the God and Goddess

I am love, for I know love conquers all

I am love for I believe in the power of purity of the heart and mind

Oh great Mother and Father thank You for all

Thank You for your ear

Thank You for hearing my cries no matter their scale

Thank You for love

Thank You for my life

Love and light sent and received

By the God and Goddess blessed be!

Love to you!

Have a blessed day!


PS: Make sure to check out the Video Blog for video chats about Paganism! Blessings

Picture Time

Here is a bit of an insight into my world. It has been so long since I have posted, and this is why. I have been busy with school and other personal things, I am getting back to the God and Goddess and I hope to share my world with you. Get ready friends, The God and Goddess do provide and will never forsake you. Blessings to all!

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Blessings and light, love this night, you are not alone, the God and Goddess grant all prayers and will grant you a renewed life. Blessed be!!!

The Lythia Rede

I have had a lot of people come to me asking what the Lythia rede is. My sect of Paganism is called Lythia Paganism, if you did not know already.

Below I have provided our Rede. It has been translated from Lythia 🙂

On the wings of the dove

The words of this rede are forged in love

God and Goddess, rulers of this world and the next

I vow to put you above the rest

You alone hold my soul in your hands

I vow to shine my light throughout the lands

Love is held within my heart

May it be shone through words, actions, and the arts

I am the face of the Goddess and God on earth

I shall spread light, love, and mirth

My dedication shall be seen through prayer, action, and sacrifice

I shall strive to live void of vice

I vow to be faithful in this life and the next

May fullness of life by my quest

I shall send and receive three by three

Thus I live a life of purity

My path is written upon every sacred tree

And by the God and Goddess Blessed Be

Have a blessed day everyone!


Bringing Forth a Hidden Spirit

Some spirits do not wish for you to see them. If you fear that they are hiding themselves for dark reasons, you clan use this incantation to make them show themselves.

Note: If this is not a spirit, but an anxiety due to an even that has happened or will happen, you will have an increase in empathy. This is not a glamour incantation. How it works is that you are asking your self to see something that is blocked, on a psychological level, your inner pain and sorrow may be at fault. So, do be prepared if that is the case.

With 3 white candles lit, say the following chant 3 times.

Spirit hidden from my sight

show yourself for this night

No longer can you hide

As you walk, I’ll see your stride

From the shadows I pull you near

To be seen by my eye and heard in my ear

I welcome thee for only this night

And I so mot it be as the moon lowers her tide.

Alright, I hope this helps.

Have a blessed day!


Enchanting an Item

Item enchantment isn’t how works in video games or movies. The object won’t glow, it won’t change physically, but its energy will change to what you need. When you enchant an item what happens is it takes a portion of energy and if you ask for protection, it will protect you. If you ask for luck, it will send you positive energy. Charms and other such items are simply positive or negative energy rather than luck or good karma, these things cannot be manipulated, you must request assistance, an enchanted item is a request/prayer that is continuous and in a physical form.

Enchantment of a Ring













What you will need:

One White Candle A Bowl of Water A Pendulum (Cleansed and consecrated)

What you will need to do:

Place the object you wish to enchant in from of the bowl of water and the candle behind the bowl of water. The water symbolizes the cleansing of the item, and the fire is the fuel source to charge the item.

Circle the bowl of water with the pendulum and chant three times:

Moon and tide help me now

I seek the truth here not yet found

For underneath the fog there lies

New possibilities for I.

So let this stone be unlike others

And let the noble show their colors

And let the meek and cowards run

For now the moon seeks out her sun

And by the power that is three

So as I will it, so mote it be!

(Now you will say your request, it does not have to rhyme)

(If you do not have a crystal pendulum, you can use a suspended by a metal chain. It will augment energy and help you call forth the energy to enchant the item.)

Have a great day!

Blessed Be!