What is a paradigm you ask? It is an internal road map that was created by our social surroundings, our family, and our own mentalities. Something that not many people realize is that these paradigms can be debilitating at times and keep us as a person from our real dreams, impeding us from reaching our true destined goals.

Let’s think about this a bit more. When we are children we are fueled by passion. There is a sense of “I can do whatever I want!” When people ask, what do you want to be when you grow up, you simply reply with whatever you have fixated on at that point in your life, but as we grow older we are told to get an education, to find a career, and to stick with the mundane. Where has the passion gone?!

These are negative paradigms. A voice in our heads says we can’t do certain things because we aren’t rich, we aren’t pretty, we aren’t smart. This stems from us choosing to limit ourselves. Friends, today is not the day to sit placidly on the side lines. Take your power back! Be who YOU want to be, not what anyone else wants you to be. You are a treasure, not garbage.

If you want to start your own business, start researching how to do it! Make a game plan and stick with it.

If you want to quit your job and do something new, DO IT! Make the decision to love yourself, and to have faith in your decisions, change your paradigm riddled with fear and be a success! Have your plan, set it into motion, and be blessed!

I will be doing this with you, changing my paradigms of fear, rerouting my internal road map so that I can live to my full potential! Join me! 🙂

A prayer to help:

God and Goddess I love thee so, Help me understand this internal woe. Break me free, raise me up, I pray blessings fill my cup. Blessed be!

Blessings friends!!



Advice to Life

We live in a confusing world. We feel, more often than not that the great current that is the motion of the world is pushing us closer and closer to our final destination without warning. This leaves us confused and vulnerable. Then there are other times where we feel as if this current is placid and void of any type of movement. This phenomena occurs when we want something to happen now. It’s almost as if hte God and Goddess refuse to give us what we are not ready for, but when we think we aren’t ready that’s when they are throwing blessings at us.

I like to say, “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.” This saying is so true, we wish so hard when there is no movement in our life, but when that movement begins, it is a surprise and we don’t know exactly how to take in the blessing. Our prayers are always answered. The God and Goddess always have reason, but only in their own season. Remember that.

Matters of the heart tend to come up more often these days because people quickly realize that life does not wait for anyone, we simply refuse to see the blessings around us. Friendship grows and love stems from that. Love is not instant, love takes time. Infatuation is confusing, it is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, we are fooled that this strong urge to kiss, cuddle, admire our infatuation, but in reality, we are meant to connect and grow. Friends isn’t the evil word here, no the word that should scare us most is complacency.

To be honest, as a community, we are lazy and complacent. We want the God and Goddess to bring forth blessings without sacrifice, we want people to come to us, we want a small spark of infatuation to catch fire and become a forest fire of passion. These things do not happen, not because you lack faith, not because you are not worth it, but because the God and Goddess reward those who work for what they want, and sometimes what you need and what you want are two different things. Happiness does not come from the most precious jewel, but the memories of the smallest pebble.

Live your life my friends. Emotion and love are a part of our lives, don’t get discouraged, don’t fall for the lies your mind tells your heart, be patient, be diligent, be faithful, allow blessings into your life, The God and Goddess, the rulers of our souls will not lead you the wrong way, take the path and enjoy the road that has been paved for you, look up from your feet and stand tall, be strong because you are worth it; you are light and love; you are the one the only you, the soul manifested from purity of the divine, you are and will always be loved.

The Nine Sacred Trees

Trees are a very important part of the faith. These beautiful and powerful statues of the Mother Goddess harbor the oldest spirits in our faith, the Dryad’s. In my faith, we are taught that Dryads are spirits of people who have learned all of the life lessons needed, and they no longer require a new vessel or new life, they stay the same, wise and powerful. The tree is the vessel they stay in until we can all be united with the God and Goddess.

There are Nine Sacred trees, each with their own meaning. It was once practiced that if you want a certain blessing, or need to remember and even you would burn a log a certain type and it will commemorate whatever energy or memory you need to invoke. A prominent example is the burning of the Yule Log. In old tradition, an actual log was given to be burned in the hearth. It symbolized a human connection, but also the power of nature. That one log brought people closer, illuminated the festivities of the night, and warmed the soul. Always remember that no matter how meaningless you may see something, it’s power and symbol may be just what you need to make it through the day.

Below I have made a quick and simple reference guide to the Nine sacred trees.

The Birch – This tree symbolizes the Goddess and Female Energy..







The Oak symbolizes the God and Male energy.




The Hazel symbolizes Knowledge and Wisdom.








The Rowan or Mountain Ash symbolizes Life.






The Hawthorne is Purity




The Willow is Death.







The Fir symbolizes Birth and Rebirth.



The Apple is love and family.







The Vine is Joy. (This is also the popular Tree of Life tree. Many like the designs for tattoos.)











I hope this sheds some light on the beauty and majesty of the trees. They are our guides. Each a symbol in their own right. Feel their energy and be blessed!

Have a great day!

Blessed Be!

The Pentagram in the Life of Today’s Pagan

Let this symbol be your fuel, your light, your guide in life.

The Pentagram is the holy symbol of the Pagan faith. It represents the powerful bond between God and Goddess. The star is the masculine entity, while the circle represents the Goddess and the circle of life. Each point represent the element, the top point is spirit, our spirit. The other four symbolize: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The star and circle are intertwined perfectly and can never be broken.

The Pentagram represents our vessel and how it is connected with the God and Goddess. We as humans are physically stars. We have 5 points that when spread make a star. The circle is our Aura. This protects us, seals our soul into our physical vessel.

This symbol has represented protection and power for a long time, it is the holiest Pagan symbol.

The symbol also is used in many rituals. If you wish to invoke a certain energy you draw the star from the top point and begin counterclockwise. This represents energy coming toward you. On the other hand if you wish to banish you start from the top point and go clockwise, this send energy away from you.

An interesting fact about the Pentagram is that it was actually integrated into Christian practices to symbolize the five-wounds Jesus Christ of Israel endured during his crucifixion. (Just in case your Christian friends ask).

When in distress you can meditate on this holy symbol and bring forth the guidance and power of the God and Goddess. Trace the symbol if you would like a physical representation. Let it empower you.

The Human Pentegram

A Symbol does not have power unless you believe it has power. Believe in yourself and celebrate your faith and this symbol, this relic will guide and protect you.

When faith is celebrated, this symbol holds more and more power. Never let the symbol of our faith lose its power! It is our duty to represent the faith in a loving way.

I want to start a movement, a walk of pride and faith where the Pentagram is worn with love and respect. I want every one to know who I am and who we are, the Pagan community. We are alive and well, it is time to come out of the broom-closet, it is time to spread our light. It is time, my friends, time to live free of fear! We no longer are “the old religion,” we are the religion of now! The God and Goddess have never left our sides, nor those of our ancestors. Awaken your soul and bring forth the power of Pagan pride. Love, our leader, the Pentagram our symbol, the God and Goddess our mentors. We are Pagan, we are love, we are here, let us be heard.


Blessed Be!












Have a blessed day my friends!

Blessed Be.


Calming Prayer

Blessings to you and your life!

Our lives are many times full of frustrating circumstances and very difficult situations that we must deal with. When you feel overwhelmed and just need a break, try this prayer. The God and Goddess are always there for us no matter what. You can even use this prayer as a daily prayer, if you feel you need it.

There are no items needed for this prayer, but if you’d like to light a candle then please feel free to do so!


Glory to the God and Goddess

My life is filled to the brim

I cannot continue alone.

I ask for a path marked with freedom.

May I see beauty in every thing

Allow my mind to breath

May I notice every joy you offer

Allow my heart to not hurt

Inhibit those who bring negativity.

Protect me from malicious thoughts.

Keep my mind pure and my heart free

May I never forget Your statues.

Help me hold my tongue if I speak through frustration

Oh God and Goddess! Thank You for this life!

Thank You for beauty, truth, and love

Thank You for Your blessings

Thank You for every day

Blessed Be!

Have a wonderful day!


Summer Treat: Kale Chips!

Kale is a tasty and very healthy green leafy vegetable! Like other vegetables of this type, it packs a punch of iron, so if you have issues with blood production and other sort of blood related issues, these healthy chips are a wonderful treat.

My friend Hannah heard of these healthy edibles and she wanted give them a try! So, we decided to go for it! Here is the recipe and a documented how-to guide to these tasty snacks. Use this recipe as an excuse to try something new with your friends or your family. Cooking together not only brings a smile to your face and stomach, but it brings people closer together. Fun activities form memories, and these moments will stay with you forever because they are formed from adventure and love. Friends and family are important, share your experiences and your lives together.

What you will need:

Kale, Olive Oil, and Salt/Creole Seasoning

To begin, remove the leaves from the stem of the Kale and place on a paper towel to dry. You want your kale leaves to be dry so that they will crisp up in the oven, rather than steam and wilt.

Now, place them on a flat baking sheet and sprinkle olive oil over the leaves, about 1-2 tablespoons will do it.

Now move the leaves around and make sure that each leaf has oil on them, this will make them crispy

Place them in a 350 degree oven and bake for 12 minutes. At the 12 minute marker check and see if they are crispy, if they are not, then put them back in for about 2 more minutes, checking again.

Pull them from the oven and immediately add your seasoning. Any seasoning will work, to be honest. Plain salt is wonderful, but we decided to use creole seasoning. This can be purchased at your local super market.

Disclaimer: Do not add your seasoning until afterthe chips are baked. Adding any salt-based product to the kale will pull out excess water and will cause them to steam rather than dehydrate, which is what you are trying to achieve.

Drying the Leaves on Paper Towels

Kale on a Baking Sheet

Place in a 350 Degree oven


Check for Crispness

Season to taste

Keith enjoying a fresh Kale Chip!

Hannah and I enjoying our Kale Chips





I hope you enjoy these! They are very tasty and only cost about $1.25 to make 10 cups of chips.Adults and children will love these kale chips!Have a great day!

Blessed Be!

Living a Life You Can be Proud Of

Becoming a person that you can be proud of is something that is very difficult in our lives. It is easy to be full of pride for someone else. For example, a child or student that we believe in, we can put much energy into their pursuits. We love to see others succeed, but when we need to move that energy to our own pursuits, we seem to fall short of faith.

It is not bad to love and support yourself. You are not losing sight of loving others, nor are you being selfish, you are keeping sanity. If you cannot help yourself how do you expect to help others? If you can’t believe in yourself, how will you be able to believe in anything else?

Be free, Be love, Be who you wish to be.

My advice for today is to learn how to love yourself. Support your dreams and tell people about your dreams. The more you speak about your dreams the more likely you are to achieve them. Life’s goals are personal and they will make the soul stronger in the end.

Love is where you wish to place your heart, cultivate your personal power and then when you help another your light will shine, you will be wise, and strong and ready to do anything that the person needs.

Purity of life is found within and projected to the rest of the world. Bring forth your light and let everyone see how strong you are and you will make a more significant change that you could ever imagine.

Be proud in what you choose to do and what you choose to manifest in your life. If you do something with perfect love and perfect trust you cannot fail. You are worth it, never be afraid to pursue your own happiness.



Love to all,

Blessed Be!