Readings of Clarity! For a limited time.

Well, everyone, it is that time of year again. The time when I open up, for a short time, readings of clarity. These are psychic readings that give perspective to your life. They are all, of course comprehensive and have the reading plus annotated information that I add to explain what each reading means.

Special Note: All proceeds go directly to Pentacles of Pride Int. an international nonprofit focussing on aiding and strengthening the Pagan community at large! Thank you. 🙂

There are three options:

1) A General Clarity Reading: This reading gives insight and advice for your life in general allowing you to look at situations and find freedom from anything that may be on your mind or keeping you from realizing your goals. Only $15 Click here to order. 

2) A Reading of Clarity plus 5 specific questions. Like the General Clarity Reading, an overview of situations and advice on addressing them is given, but with this reading you will also receive answers and advice on five questions that you ask specifically. Only $20 Click here to order today!

3) A year-long reading of clarity: This is the most comprehensive and insightful reading of them all. This gives information on situations that will arise throughout the coming year and gives strategies that you can use to address each one. This reading will break down each month’s situation and evolution with advice for each one. Most range from 6-12 pages of information. Only $35 for year-long insight! Click Here to order!


Don’t miss your chance to find clarity!

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Click here to order your Reading of Clarity plus 5 specific questions!

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Sheldon 🙂


The Energy Inside


I saw this photo on a friends page and loved it.
It is true, we need to have more faith in ourselves. The power and confidence to overcome any obstacle. Believe you can and you will be able to! The God and Goddess did not make you weak or feeble they gave you the power to live a life of blessings and happiness.

Carpe dium– seize the day!

Blessed be

The Senses we Love

The importance of the senses…Let’s ponder this for a moment.

To live without a sense would be drastic. A part of your life would be taken and there is very little chance of getting it back. Appreciation of the beautiful gifts that the God and Goddess have given us must be attained.

Here is an old exercise to help strengthen your senses as well as allowing you time to meditate and appreciate what has been given to you!

Choose five days and for each day pick a sense to really meditate on. For example, Monday can be scent. Therefore, all day notice the smells that you encounter, what have you smelled that is new or old. Then that night write down every thing you smelled that day, and how it made you feel. Did it bring up any memories? Did you try to flee from the smell?

Do this for each sense. I would recommend doing this exercise at least twice and see if you get any better.

Also, at the end of the five days go back and re-read what you wrote, which sense was strongest? Weakest?

Have blessed day,


p.s. I’m sorry for these late posts, I will be putting them up daily in the coming week.


If any one is interested in horoscopes or astrology, the website, in my opinion has some top notch horoscopes, and you can sign up for a daily alert.

Why read horoscopes?

Well to be honest there are only a few things one would use a horoscope, 1) For and overview of what will happen that day, and the mentality one must have going into it, and 2)It is pure fun. I love waiting until the end of the day to see if my horoscope has played the way it was predicted.

Astrology is found all over the world and can be seen in many cultures. The Egyptians, the Mayans, Indian, and Asian communities also use astrology. The way astrology works: There is a complex number system, where certain constellations are in certain positions in the sky, this is also compared to the Ruling Planets of each constellation. For example: Virgo is ruled by Mercury. If it is in Retrograde, Virgo’s attitude and outlook on life changes a quite a bit, during this period, according to Astrology. Then there are houses, which are simply the positions of the stars, The house of finance, of love etc. When reading your horoscope, read it with a light heart. Don’t go looking for these events to occur. If it says, “You’re lover will be distant today.” Don’t think it is because they are cheating on you, it simply could mean that within their planetary/star alignment they are full of innovative energy, making them more inside themselves.



Well, That’s about it.

Have a great day!

Blessed Be!