Readings of Clarity! For a limited time.

Well, everyone, it is that time of year again. The time when I open up, for a short time, readings of clarity. These are psychic readings that give perspective to your life. They are all, of course comprehensive and have the reading plus annotated information that I add to explain what each reading means.

Special Note: All proceeds go directly to Pentacles of Pride Int. an international nonprofit focussing on aiding and strengthening the Pagan community at large! Thank you. 🙂

There are three options:

1) A General Clarity Reading: This reading gives insight and advice for your life in general allowing you to look at situations and find freedom from anything that may be on your mind or keeping you from realizing your goals. Only $15 Click here to order. 

2) A Reading of Clarity plus 5 specific questions. Like the General Clarity Reading, an overview of situations and advice on addressing them is given, but with this reading you will also receive answers and advice on five questions that you ask specifically. Only $20 Click here to order today!

3) A year-long reading of clarity: This is the most comprehensive and insightful reading of them all. This gives information on situations that will arise throughout the coming year and gives strategies that you can use to address each one. This reading will break down each month’s situation and evolution with advice for each one. Most range from 6-12 pages of information. Only $35 for year-long insight! Click Here to order!


Don’t miss your chance to find clarity!

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Click here to order your Reading of Clarity plus 5 specific questions!

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Sheldon 🙂


Freedom’s Embrace

We find many reasons to fear freedom, let’s be honest, the unknown scares us to death. I for one can speak from experience. New things terrify me, even if I know these events will help me in an amazing way, but for some reason I just can’t take that first step.

We want our lives to be planned for us, we want our paths to be pre-ordained. The funny thing about Destiny is, no matter which path you take, you will always end up at your destined “end.” What makes this interesting is Fate. These are the many roads one can choose freely. All roads lead to Rome, and all fate’s paths lead to your Destiny. Do not fear the unknown, do not fear the road ahead, embrace it and you will be free.

To find happiness, or acceptance, you first have to accept yourself and bring forth a great light of purity and love. Love yourself, Love the God and Goddess and you will be free. I find that meditation really helps me stay focused, but for many, staying focused is the last thing they need. They need chaos to distract them from the fear they harbor within themselves.

My friends, it’s time to let go of our fear, it is time to embrace freedom. Let the light of the God and Goddess boil inside of you and shine through your heart to bring forth internal change because until we can change ourselves we can never change the world around us.

Freedom is waiting…It’s time we take the first step into it’s loving embrace.

Have a beautiful day, brothers and sisters.

Blessed Be! ~ Sheldon

Finding Happiness

Love is on this earth!

What people seek most in this world is love, acceptance, and happiness.
Religion is the way many people cope with the acceptance part of life. Following a God or Goddess allows a community to flourish. People of like minds can be built and love can be found.

I would like to talk about Love now. The Greeks have a beautiful idea of love. They said that there were three types of love. 1)The love of friends and family, 2)The Lover’s Love, and 3) Love of God. Each love has its own specification and I believe that this idea of Love is very strong. Love grows over time, you love your parents, but in a completely different way that you would love a lover or your deity.

Everyone is trying to find love, but the thing is, love surrounds us everyday, Fairy tales are stories that help us maintain hope and help us prosper, but we need to find the reality and the allegory in the tales. Love and respect are found in everything on this earth, but we cannot if we are looking for the greener grass. Many times in life we cannot see the happiness and joy that is around us due to our circumstances, our past, the negativity around us and the negativity within our own hearts.
We need to let go of the sadness and the pain of whatever ails us so that we can accept the love that surrounds us. There is so much that the world has to offer, why should we try to escape it? Why no embrace it. It is almost as if we want to remove ourselves from the world so that we can be closer to our God or Goddess, when in reality they live among us, they have given us all of hte tools necessary to live a life full of love and happiness.

We should find happiness from within ourselves rather than the idea of a better tomorrow. Of course try and make tomorrow better than today, make it brighter, allow the sun to shine, but don’t miss the moment, don’t forget about the beauty of now. The grass is green beneath your feet, and by the time you travel to the other side the grass will have withered from the winter’s chill.

Don’t miss beauty, or love! Don’t let it slip through your fingers.
Happiness comes if you want it to be there, don’t think that what you believe to be happiness is the only thing out there to make you happy. Maybe when something is going right you should embrace it, rather than finding the aspects that are wrong, find the aspects that are right. 🙂

Love to all, my friends.
Blessed Be!