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I wanted to let you know about a few new services I am offering! I will be doing 15 minutes over the phone psychic readings for $25. If you mention the promotion code “blog” while setting up an appointment, you will be able to get $5 off your reading!!

Also!! I will doing a year at a glance reading for $15. I will do the reading and send you an electronic copy of what I pick up and some advice!!

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And! 10% of the readings go to Pentacles of Pride, Pagan nonprofit.

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Beltane is one of the most interesting holidays of the calendar. Shrouded in misinformation and somewhat odd fallacies, it has been known as a sex-festival. This is incorrect. While some sects of Paganism whom follow the holy sabbats do elicit sexual tendencies during this time, it is not the reason for the season, so to speak. This is a time to celebrate fertility, new life, love, spring! It is a wonderful time to bring family and friends together for a celebration of a fresh beginning.

This holiday usually happens on May 1st, but some sects do celebrate it at sundown on April 30th and the celebration continues through sundown on the following day. Lythia Pagans actually follow this celebratory format of sundown to sundown.

Following the same tradition as many of the Sabbats, there is a feast! So! Form a potluck where each person selects a dish of their choice to bring to the festivities and enjoy each other’s company and add some prayer.

If you have ever heard of the May Pole then you have a head start on the festivities! Erect a pole and tie ribbon to the top of the pole. Each person takes a ribbon and then weaves around the pole until the whole pillar is decorated in ribbon.

However you choose to celebrate this beautiful Sabbat, spend the day with friends and family if possible! It is a day that love is celebrated. SO! Celebrate!

If you are looking to set up a fun altar to have present for your friends and family to add libation, say a short prayer, or simply have out for people to admire, go ahead and decorate it! I love having an altar out for people to either observe or participate in a bit of prayer. The God and Goddess are always there to bring forth love and protect us, why not share that light with those coming to celebrate the sabbat?

I like to decorate my altar with bright colours and some gold silky material. You can add flowers and other trinkets to show off more of a natural aspect of your altar. A fun activity to have available on your altar is a prayer basket. Have little slips of paper and a pen next to a basket/box or whatever you wish and instruct the guests to (if they want to) to write a request of prayer or a offering of thanks and to put it in the basket. Later that night you can either pull them out and pray as a group, or you can wait for your solitary/family prayer time. Simply read the slips of paper and prayer for relief of what was placed. These slips of paper are anonymous, so if you do wish to have a group prayer, then people can write what they truly need help for without the pressures of being “outed.”

Many blessings my friends….

My Book :)

Dearest all!

I hope this new post finds you well. In case you have been wondering where I have been, well….The answer is not so easily nor quickly answered. Long story short, I am about to receive my Master’s degree here in the USA and have been working on about 6 projects. One of which I will tell you about NOW!

I have written and self-published my very own book. Yes, my friends, I am now a published author. 🙂 (Hold the applause). The book, entitled “The Lythia Tradition of Paganism and Witchcraft” Within the confines of its pages you will find tons of information on the faith that I follow (Lythia) and many many many practical uses of its teachings. I have also included in-depth ritual examples for each major holiday!

I know that many of my readers are interested in spell work, SO as to not disappoint  I have also included several spells, incantations, and prayers. As well as many examples of how to and when to use each one.

As of right now, my book is available for purchase world-wide on or or wherever you hail from, be assured you can order my book. For those lovely people who own a Kindle, you can download it there as well.

Much Love: Sheldon

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Prayer and a Promise

A Week of Prayer


Prayer is an important aspect in our lives, not only does it bring us closer to the God and Goddess, but it also provides an escape from the stresses, darkness, and negativity that seems to surround us daily. There is no better place to be than in the arms of the God and Goddess and their love.

This week is a seven day challenge to pray every day, but not simply random prayers you say as you walk down the street, “Goddess help me.” No, instead let us try to make time for prayer.

Below is a “prayer contract” which is simply a promise to yourself to commune with the God and Goddess everyday, not to feel forced to pray, but to stay focused long enough to see and feel the benefits of the love of the God and Goddess. If you already pray daily, try to pray for a bit longer. Use this time as a divine meditation.


The “Contract/Promise”

I will pray _____________minutes each day.


Now in a journal or piece of paper do the following questions each day as you finish praying. Take your time answering. These are to keep you focused on the blessings you sent and received.

1)      I prayed _______minutes today.

2)      I prayer for __________________________________________.

3)      Why did I pray for this?

4)      What did I feel during prayer?

5)      How did I feel after?


Much love sent my friends!


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New Videos and Live Broadcast!

Hello all!

I hope this message finds you well. I am traveling to the lovely land of Canada, on the 23rd-28th, while there I will be communing with a very good friend of mine, Alan Jay. He is a lovely soul and a very gifted psychic and spiritual psychotherapist with certification in Angel Therapy®. We will be posting two videos on my main Youtube page CLICK HERE to access the previously made videos, and to find the new ones in the following days.

Another exciting project we will be doing on is a live feed video. This will be hosted through my Youtube channel once again. You can submit questions and comments through Twitter, e-mail, and comments on a later post concerning the topic video, so be aware of that post.

The videos that will be posted on January 24th and 25th will be “Love Magick” and “Spellcasting.” These videos will voice how-to’s as well as the nature of love magick and spellcasting that we believe have been skewed over the years. We invite comments and video responses.


This is an overview of how the Lythia Pagans celebrate Imbolc. Blessings and love to all.

Celebrated around February 2 this is the first harvest Sabbat after Yule, the God is an infant. Born at Yule. The days are growing longer and the sun shines bright in the sky. This is a time of happiness. A neat aspect of Imbolc is that naturally this is around the time of the calving season. This is why harvesting milk is such a big deal. This ritual of harvesting milk and getting the heard ready to bring forth the white gold has been passed down for generations. In the past, harvesting milk meant sustaining life. This day is seen as holy because it is a sign that the God and Goddess always provide. Winter has loosened up its mighty grip and the spring is coming forth thawing the frozen hearts and brightening the sorrowed filled minds. The earth begins to yawn and stretch as it comes to life. The harvesting of milk is the first sign of a new beginning. Milk is very important to even those who are not within the Pagan faith. Mother’s milk is the first nourishment we have. Thus the milk of the first sun brings forth an intense need. Fasting allows the body to yearn for what it is missing. The white substance of the mother is coveted at this time.

The day before the Imbolc celebration is a time for cleansing. This is where the notion of spring cleaning came. Cleansing for the Lythia Pagans is an intense part of all rituals of the year. Not only do they clean their bodies and homes, but also the mind and spirit. This is a time of meditation and internal discovery. Brushing off the cobwebs of the faith is necessary for a pure sun to appear and fill the heart. A cup filled with grime cannot be filled with refreshing water. This is the time to bring purity back into the lives of those who have gone cold over the harsh winter.

A week before the actual Sabbat, Lythia Pagans light white candles to symbolize the infant sun. As do many other Pagan sects, these white candles are often placed in the window seals to let the sun know to shine upon that particular home. This is also the first day of a weeklong fast from dairy products. Imbolc celebrates the wonderful flavors of milk. The Lythia believe that one must know what it is to live without. If one does not suffer a day in his/her life, he/she will never know how beautiful life can be. After this weeklong fast, the Lythia have a feast spotlighting dairy products. The celebration traditionally calls forth the young God, but the Lythia do not do rituals involving only a single deity. Each ritual at least mentions the Father God and the Mother Goddess. The God and Goddess rule in tandem and the Lythia deem it taboo not to celebrate both of them during major Sabbats. This is shocking, especially compared to the strong faiths that spotlight femininity and the power of the female presence.

The rituals for Imbolc, traditionally involved a candle lit vigil throughout the field clearing the old energy and expelling negativity and spirits that have lain in the field throughout the winter months. There are far less people now that own farm land than there used to, and thus this ritual may not be practical for many practitioners. The Lythia sect has modified this ritual and made it possible to do it without the field.

Personal Advice and Love to You

Today I would like to speak to all of you personally.

There has been an influx of stress, fear, and intense emotions here lately. Perhaps this is only a part of my life at the moment, but I feel there is something big on the horizon. Something worth fighting for.

When we are stressed or in a “bad place” in our lives we often lose sight of the light, we forget the power of the God and Goddess. Their ability to take our woes, our pain, our strife and transform it into blessings. I find that often times we refuse help because we are taught to deal with our own problems, and for the most part we can achieve great things without someone holding our hand. But there are always situations that you cannot make it on your own, and that is not a mark of weakness. If you have to ask for help it means you are humble, it means you are smart, it means you are human.

The God and Goddess gave us the ability to express ourselves, but for some reason we refuse to do so when we are in times of trouble. When the water is swift and you cannot touch the bottom, you cry out for help. When the fire crackles and threatens to burn you, the firemen are contacted immediately. Why then, do we not ask for help when we are swamped?

Emotional pain is often the worse because no one can see it, but it hurts the most.

Always remember friends, you are not alone, you are loved and wrapped in the arms of the God and Goddess. When you fear losing yourself, cry out for help. Tears, anguish, anything! Send the smoke signals of distress, an emotional/Mental SOS. Your cries will be heard. You are loved, you are safe.

“By the God and Goddess open my heart, may I understand when I need help, allow me to trust, allow me to know when I need help. Heal me, Love me, Blessed be, Great Mother and Father of my body and soul”

Blessed be, friends.