Readings of Clarity! For a limited time.

Well, everyone, it is that time of year again. The time when I open up, for a short time, readings of clarity. These are psychic readings that give perspective to your life. They are all, of course comprehensive and have the reading plus annotated information that I add to explain what each reading means.

Special Note: All proceeds go directly to Pentacles of Pride Int. an international nonprofit focussing on aiding and strengthening the Pagan community at large! Thank you. 🙂

There are three options:

1) A General Clarity Reading: This reading gives insight and advice for your life in general allowing you to look at situations and find freedom from anything that may be on your mind or keeping you from realizing your goals. Only $15 Click here to order. 

2) A Reading of Clarity plus 5 specific questions. Like the General Clarity Reading, an overview of situations and advice on addressing them is given, but with this reading you will also receive answers and advice on five questions that you ask specifically. Only $20 Click here to order today!

3) A year-long reading of clarity: This is the most comprehensive and insightful reading of them all. This gives information on situations that will arise throughout the coming year and gives strategies that you can use to address each one. This reading will break down each month’s situation and evolution with advice for each one. Most range from 6-12 pages of information. Only $35 for year-long insight! Click Here to order!


Don’t miss your chance to find clarity!

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Sheldon 🙂


Neglecting the written word…Oopsy

Good day all!

I know that when you subscribed you wanted my written thoughts, and my information (mostly opinion lol) well I have completely neglected this site and have devoted so much time to my studies as well as my YouTube channel, I hope you subscribe to that. You can see my bright and shining face as well as get some more information on other topics. BUT! I do hope to start posting here more often, starting now.

The written word.

Throughout time the written word has been coveted to bring together nations, tear them apart, inspire, and destroy. How powerful the pen and how mighty the wordsmiths of old and new. It brings to mind the idea that all things are possible when the written word is involved. For many Pagans, the written word is the a way of archiving our deepest thoughts and religious prowess. For the more magically inclined individuals, the written word iterates the spells and incantations to bring forth change either positive or more dark.

The written word has power because it brings with it the ability to observe, to review, to contemplate, and to conclude. The written word forces, compels, and entices revision. It is striking and powerful. Let’s speak not only of the word as a practical way to remember the past, but an entity to form the future.

May this Samhain bring you blessings to you and yours. May it be the transition you have always wanted and be forever changed to bring positivity in your life forever and ever.

Blessed be!


“Send Sheldon Packing” The World Tour

Hello all! So, I am starting something that I think is going to be super fun! I am going develop a Travel show that is all about the audience. You choose what I do, what you see, etc. and I make that happen! Experiencing travel is important, but often times due to circumstances we cannot make that happen. So, I’m bringing travel to the comfort of your home, or office, or on the bus (with a phone or tablet). Let’s experience together!

Tunnel Vision

Today is a special post. A post that has been inspired by a chat I had recently with a lovely lovely lady.

Yesterday I was surfing the web looking for ways to spread Pagan pride and love and I came across an article in a small publication from the UK. The title intrigued me, it simply read “Figure it out, people.” Well, as I read the article it had nothing to do with what I though it would, but I contacted the author. In my messaged I asked why she had titled it that way, where did the inspiration come from, and why in the world did the title have nothing to do with the article.


She was quick to reply! She stated very vaguely that her title was just something that came into her mind when she finished the article. She said she was inspired to write an article about people’s bad habits (hence waking up, I guess), and that the title had everything to do with the article. We began chatting with one another about the bad habits in the article, and of course, I had a desire to equate them to the Pagan faith.

This is what I concluded. We as Pagans look at ourselves as open, loving, and ready to help those in need and whom are new to the faith/craft/lifestyle whatever you like to call it, but then when we are behind closed doors there is a strange occurrence. We are bigots, we send love to those in a public fashion, but do we honestly tolerate and accept the other groups, traditions, creeds under the Pagan umbrella? All this talk about how old one person’s faith is seems to be a qualifier to be better than one another.

We suffer from tunnel vision. We see one thing and one thing only. Do we truly open our hearts to all? Are we truly here to spread love, light, and blessings? What made us this way? Our minds closed to the ideologies of others? It’s time to open our eyes.

I know I have done this before and probably will still do it, but I’m making a conscious effort to be open to love, to not boast, to be proactive in helping those in need.

Take the challenge with me, listen and do not judge even when you are not in the person’s presence. Glorify diversity. Let’s support one another.

Blessings all!


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Beltane is one of the most interesting holidays of the calendar. Shrouded in misinformation and somewhat odd fallacies, it has been known as a sex-festival. This is incorrect. While some sects of Paganism whom follow the holy sabbats do elicit sexual tendencies during this time, it is not the reason for the season, so to speak. This is a time to celebrate fertility, new life, love, spring! It is a wonderful time to bring family and friends together for a celebration of a fresh beginning.

This holiday usually happens on May 1st, but some sects do celebrate it at sundown on April 30th and the celebration continues through sundown on the following day. Lythia Pagans actually follow this celebratory format of sundown to sundown.

Following the same tradition as many of the Sabbats, there is a feast! So! Form a potluck where each person selects a dish of their choice to bring to the festivities and enjoy each other’s company and add some prayer.

If you have ever heard of the May Pole then you have a head start on the festivities! Erect a pole and tie ribbon to the top of the pole. Each person takes a ribbon and then weaves around the pole until the whole pillar is decorated in ribbon.

However you choose to celebrate this beautiful Sabbat, spend the day with friends and family if possible! It is a day that love is celebrated. SO! Celebrate!

If you are looking to set up a fun altar to have present for your friends and family to add libation, say a short prayer, or simply have out for people to admire, go ahead and decorate it! I love having an altar out for people to either observe or participate in a bit of prayer. The God and Goddess are always there to bring forth love and protect us, why not share that light with those coming to celebrate the sabbat?

I like to decorate my altar with bright colours and some gold silky material. You can add flowers and other trinkets to show off more of a natural aspect of your altar. A fun activity to have available on your altar is a prayer basket. Have little slips of paper and a pen next to a basket/box or whatever you wish and instruct the guests to (if they want to) to write a request of prayer or a offering of thanks and to put it in the basket. Later that night you can either pull them out and pray as a group, or you can wait for your solitary/family prayer time. Simply read the slips of paper and prayer for relief of what was placed. These slips of paper are anonymous, so if you do wish to have a group prayer, then people can write what they truly need help for without the pressures of being “outed.”

Many blessings my friends….

My Book :)

Dearest all!

I hope this new post finds you well. In case you have been wondering where I have been, well….The answer is not so easily nor quickly answered. Long story short, I am about to receive my Master’s degree here in the USA and have been working on about 6 projects. One of which I will tell you about NOW!

I have written and self-published my very own book. Yes, my friends, I am now a published author. 🙂 (Hold the applause). The book, entitled “The Lythia Tradition of Paganism and Witchcraft” Within the confines of its pages you will find tons of information on the faith that I follow (Lythia) and many many many practical uses of its teachings. I have also included in-depth ritual examples for each major holiday!

I know that many of my readers are interested in spell work, SO as to not disappoint  I have also included several spells, incantations, and prayers. As well as many examples of how to and when to use each one.

As of right now, my book is available for purchase world-wide on or or wherever you hail from, be assured you can order my book. For those lovely people who own a Kindle, you can download it there as well.

Much Love: Sheldon

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