What is a paradigm you ask? It is an internal road map that was created by our social surroundings, our family, and our own mentalities. Something that not many people realize is that these paradigms can be debilitating at times and keep us as a person from our real dreams, impeding us from reaching our true destined goals.

Let’s think about this a bit more. When we are children we are fueled by passion. There is a sense of “I can do whatever I want!” When people ask, what do you want to be when you grow up, you simply reply with whatever you have fixated on at that point in your life, but as we grow older we are told to get an education, to find a career, and to stick with the mundane. Where has the passion gone?!

These are negative paradigms. A voice in our heads says we can’t do certain things because we aren’t rich, we aren’t pretty, we aren’t smart. This stems from us choosing to limit ourselves. Friends, today is not the day to sit placidly on the side lines. Take your power back! Be who YOU want to be, not what anyone else wants you to be. You are a treasure, not garbage.

If you want to start your own business, start researching how to do it! Make a game plan and stick with it.

If you want to quit your job and do something new, DO IT! Make the decision to love yourself, and to have faith in your decisions, change your paradigm riddled with fear and be a success! Have your plan, set it into motion, and be blessed!

I will be doing this with you, changing my paradigms of fear, rerouting my internal road map so that I can live to my full potential! Join me! 🙂

A prayer to help:

God and Goddess I love thee so, Help me understand this internal woe. Break me free, raise me up, I pray blessings fill my cup. Blessed be!

Blessings friends!!


Raising Pagan Children

Many people wonder how they will ever bring a child into the world, anxieties such as, “Will he/she be healthy?” “Will my child live a blessed life?” Many parents go through this stage and are absolutely terrified of how the outcome will turn out. Now add the element of religion to it. Paganism is, as many of you know, a very difficult topic to discuss with people outside the realm of the faith. We don’t want to keep people out of the faith, but we want to protect our children and our faith from ignorance.

Well, the only way to shed light in an otherwise dark and ignorant-ruled world is to open up and allow the love of the faith shine to your friends and family and of course those who surround us every day. Now when Pagan children are concerned, let them live. Let them breath and decide to tell who they want. As parents, educate them on the faith and then let them live their spiritual life. They are individuals and lovely, they are protected by the God and Goddess. When you fear that the faith will bring them harm, then you are losing faith. Have faith that you and your child will be safe, and you should not have any worry.

If a beautiful Pagan child is brought up in this world, then ignorance will be broken, light will be shed on the world little by little, and as the light grows it will glow throughout the world as a beacon of love and hope.

Here are a few things for Pagan children.

If you are expecting a child:

Hang three dried apples by blue or pink ribbon above the mother’s bed. Say the following prayer three times every night.

Safe precious child are you in me

Healthy and perfect shall you be

By the God and Goddess

Blessed Be

Here are a few prayers for your child:

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the God and Goddess my soul to keep

And if I die before the morn,

I pray my soul to be reborn

Another fun night prayer:

Thank you God and Goddess for this day

You have brought me love and blessings in every way

I pray I sleep and am greeted with pleasant dreams and light

And tomorrow may I be filled with Your love and might.

I hope this sheds some light on raising a Pagan child!

Blessings and Light!


Here are a few books you may want to take a look at; they are all excellent tools.

The Earth Child’s Handbook – Book 1: Crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child.

 A Pagan Book of ABC’s

Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions

Raising Witches


Protecting an Altar

Protecting your sacred space is a very important act. Many times people have an altar in plain sight for everyone to see it and that means all the energy that comes with people and the natural world can affect it. It is important that we protect these spaces because they are holy. I know a few families that actually have separate rooms (some are even hidden, which is pretty neat, but a bit theatrical) for their altars. An altar should be revered and sacred.

Here is how to cleanse and protect your altar.

What you will need:

Incense, Sunflower oil, Salt, a bowl of water

First: Set up your altar the way you would like it. And light some incense, any type will do.

Second: Pray over your altar with intent of cleansing. Dip one finger in the sunflower oil then the salt and finally the water to rinse off the salt and oil. Do this three times saying the following prayer

As this water cleanses my finger

So this altar is cleansed and prepared

Third: This is the step of protection. In essence the only thing you are doing is making sure it is safe from negative energy. In any faith, when you pray, you want to have a positive outlook on life and the faith that you are practicing. So! You don’t want anything tainted by sadness/anger/etc.

Here is the prayer for protection:

Altar I stand before you this day

I call the God and Goddess to join me as I pray

I wish to cleanse, consecrate, and protect

I call forth the element and the four corners I elect

As my voice reaches all worlds three

May this protection not be meek.

This is a place of holy love

I call forth the peace of the dove

Shielded is this space

Negativity shall flee with haste

Power and love of the God and Goddess

Light of the sun full of prowess

By my words, protection is what I see

By the God and Goddess, I so mote it be.

Blessed Be.

Meditate a bit on the new energy around you, thank the God and Goddess and then you are all done!

If live in a dormitory or a place that you are afraid your altar will be tainted or messed with too often, I suggest reading my friend Katia’s blog. There is an amazing post about how to hide your altar in plain sight. It is difficult to openly practice, even in today’s world because many people do not understand a deep spirituality. It does put some people off, but we must educate people. Until they are ready we need to take precautions.

 Katia’s Blog

Love and light to all!

Blessed Be ~Sheldon


The Light in the Darkness: Love is Sent to All

Many times we find it difficult to smile or to find the strength to make it through each passing day. I personally know the difficulty in finding happiness in the darkness. The only way to find your way through this darkness is to stumble by the dim candle light that is your faith. At first, faith starts out simply as a small flame, perhaps barely visible, but the smallest flicker can ignite a huge fire.

I think it is important to find joy in the smallest things in life. Whether it is the laughter of children, the moon, a rainbow, or a bit of much-needed rain, whatever it is that brings you joy, you should pursue it.

Meditation, which you have read throughout my blog, is a tool I choose to use when I’m stressed or really upset with a situation. Meditation takes the world away and it leaves you and your emotions. Ultimately, my friends, life’s big decisions are your choice, no one else’s. It is easy to find a person or a circumstance to blame, but in reality the only person making the decisions is you. Say no to unhappiness. Say no to feeling miserable. Find solitude in yourself for a few minutes, or maybe hours if you need it. It is a beautiful feeling when you can breathe and be strong in your own decisions.

I want everyone I come in contact with to feel uplifted and whole, I want them to be happy and full of joy, not because of my presence, but because I am happy with myself and what I do. Pain is inevitable, but it is our choice to suffer.

Take the reigns of life now! And be free of the oppressive power of fear. It’s inside of us, but that doesn’t mean it should control us.

Power and blessings are sent and received

Praise to the God and Goddess who provide my needs

I give thanks for this day

And I send love in every way

Blessed Be

Be strong, my brothers and sisters, it’s our time to shine.

Blessed Be.



Advice to Life

We live in a confusing world. We feel, more often than not that the great current that is the motion of the world is pushing us closer and closer to our final destination without warning. This leaves us confused and vulnerable. Then there are other times where we feel as if this current is placid and void of any type of movement. This phenomena occurs when we want something to happen now. It’s almost as if hte God and Goddess refuse to give us what we are not ready for, but when we think we aren’t ready that’s when they are throwing blessings at us.

I like to say, “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.” This saying is so true, we wish so hard when there is no movement in our life, but when that movement begins, it is a surprise and we don’t know exactly how to take in the blessing. Our prayers are always answered. The God and Goddess always have reason, but only in their own season. Remember that.

Matters of the heart tend to come up more often these days because people quickly realize that life does not wait for anyone, we simply refuse to see the blessings around us. Friendship grows and love stems from that. Love is not instant, love takes time. Infatuation is confusing, it is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, we are fooled that this strong urge to kiss, cuddle, admire our infatuation, but in reality, we are meant to connect and grow. Friends isn’t the evil word here, no the word that should scare us most is complacency.

To be honest, as a community, we are lazy and complacent. We want the God and Goddess to bring forth blessings without sacrifice, we want people to come to us, we want a small spark of infatuation to catch fire and become a forest fire of passion. These things do not happen, not because you lack faith, not because you are not worth it, but because the God and Goddess reward those who work for what they want, and sometimes what you need and what you want are two different things. Happiness does not come from the most precious jewel, but the memories of the smallest pebble.

Live your life my friends. Emotion and love are a part of our lives, don’t get discouraged, don’t fall for the lies your mind tells your heart, be patient, be diligent, be faithful, allow blessings into your life, The God and Goddess, the rulers of our souls will not lead you the wrong way, take the path and enjoy the road that has been paved for you, look up from your feet and stand tall, be strong because you are worth it; you are light and love; you are the one the only you, the soul manifested from purity of the divine, you are and will always be loved.

Advice to Practical Magick

Good morning to all!

It is 2:33am and I cannot sleep, and I am continually feeling the urge to post, so I am going to give you all some advice to everyday magick that everyone should know.

First, rosemary bring luck in the garden and also keeps negativity at bay. If you feel down or sad make something that contains rosemary. It also protects your garden 🙂

Next, if you have nightmares, suspend a rock with a hole in the middle above your bed with nine knots, it will cleanse the dreams and keep any negativity from you.

Third, love. This is the purest magick because true love is not tainted nor provoked, it is natural and can invoke change to even the darkest of situations.

Fourth, sage is a grounding herb that allows you to connect to the world around you. It protects against spirits, sadness, and smells wonderful.

Fifth, food is medicine. It comes from the earth which was given to us by the God and Goddess. Let your magick happen in the kitchen, put love into the food you prepare.

An finally, if you have issues with electronic devises it is usually because of an imbalance of energy. Wear copper or place a copper piece in the device to ground your energy and absorb the excess.

Have a wonderful day. If you have any other practical magick advice feel free to post a comment!

Love is sent,
Blessed be!


Living Now When Tomorrow Looks so Good


Today I woke up early, this was a complete accident, my body simply had slept long enough. As I lay in bed contemplating starting my day, my mind wandered to several topics. The future, the past, what my life is now, and what it may become later.

I found that the future is a day, a minute, a second away and that we will never capture the future. Also the past a day, a minute, second ago and we will never capture it. We are always physically in the present, even of we can time travel, we would be in the present of that time so why are we always chasing the dreams of tomorrow and saying it will get better tomorrow? Why are we living in the past, saying “I was happy when…” let’s make our happiness now. Let’s seize the day, it’s ours for the taking, sure goals take time to manifest and be realized, but making decisions now that will lead to their fruition is living in the present an on a basic first-step level achieving that goal.

The past and future are not tangible. They cannot be held or understood because it is not current. It’s either out of date or not invented yet. Let’s use our current technology and learn that life is here for us to enjoy and to love now.

Have a great day everyone!!
Blessed Be.