Readings of Clarity! For a limited time.

Well, everyone, it is that time of year again. The time when I open up, for a short time, readings of clarity. These are psychic readings that give perspective to your life. They are all, of course comprehensive and have the reading plus annotated information that I add to explain what each reading means.

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There are three options:

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3) A year-long reading of clarity: This is the most comprehensive and insightful reading of them all. This gives information on situations that will arise throughout the coming year and gives strategies that you can use to address each one. This reading will break down each month’s situation and evolution with advice for each one. Most range from 6-12 pages of information. Only $35 for year-long insight! Click Here to order!


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Sheldon 🙂

Neglecting the written word…Oopsy

Good day all!

I know that when you subscribed you wanted my written thoughts, and my information (mostly opinion lol) well I have completely neglected this site and have devoted so much time to my studies as well as my YouTube channel, I hope you subscribe to that. You can see my bright and shining face as well as get some more information on other topics. BUT! I do hope to start posting here more often, starting now.

The written word.

Throughout time the written word has been coveted to bring together nations, tear them apart, inspire, and destroy. How powerful the pen and how mighty the wordsmiths of old and new. It brings to mind the idea that all things are possible when the written word is involved. For many Pagans, the written word is the a way of archiving our deepest thoughts and religious prowess. For the more magically inclined individuals, the written word iterates the spells and incantations to bring forth change either positive or more dark.

The written word has power because it brings with it the ability to observe, to review, to contemplate, and to conclude. The written word forces, compels, and entices revision. It is striking and powerful. Let’s speak not only of the word as a practical way to remember the past, but an entity to form the future.

May this Samhain bring you blessings to you and yours. May it be the transition you have always wanted and be forever changed to bring positivity in your life forever and ever.

Blessed be!


“Send Sheldon Packing” The World Tour

Hello all! So, I am starting something that I think is going to be super fun! I am going develop a Travel show that is all about the audience. You choose what I do, what you see, etc. and I make that happen! Experiencing travel is important, but often times due to circumstances we cannot make that happen. So, I’m bringing travel to the comfort of your home, or office, or on the bus (with a phone or tablet). Let’s experience together!

The ‘F’ Word

monkeyWe live in a fast paced world. That much is certain, but what does it cost to live by the watch. Think about it, we have designed our clocks to be small, to have the ability to be strapped to our body, and to be a fashion statement. Time is our ruler, at least it seems that way. I was recently at a meeting and found myself looking at the watch, not because I had other plans, but simply to know the time. This habit, no, this obsession with time is rooted not only in our culture, but also our own psyche.

We are taught growing up to schedule our time wisely. To create a budget for time, as if it is a commodity which will soon be gone.  This is the culture side of things. Whereas an obsession with beauty and youth is a result of time seeping into our psyche. How many songs have been written with the theme, “die young.” Where the vain and the desperate sing their melodic anthems on top of hard beats and perhaps a guitar solo. Now, before we go further, I want to address that this is not a generational theme, but an industrialist theme. Since the rise of the industrial age and beyond, developed nations have increasingly worshiped youth. While this desire for eternal youth can be seen historically as well, i.e. the search for the fountain of youth, but in a world where time is our god or goddess, we take youth to the extreme.

Likewise, the worship of time leads to a need for success at any cost. If we continue using this analogy that time is a god or goddess among men and women, then what is sacrificed to this unkind deity? In any faith with a deity there is always a form of sacrifice or libation. Tithing in many Christian faiths, berries and nuts in many Pagan faiths, as well as tobacco in some Native American traditions of faith. So, time, also requires a sacrifice. I believe it is the most strict of sacrificial criteria, our own essence, our soul, our youth, our ability to love and grow. When it’s “crunch-time” we get stressed and when we get stressed our mental and physical health falters. To satisfy the clock, is to sacrifice your own self.

This leads me to the focus of this blog post. It is not to point fingers at any group, nor to criticize a behavior, but to perhaps warn the public. The ‘F’ word is a diabolical little word that can be perceived as flippant, or unnecessary to our success-driven, youth-hungry society. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about ‘fun’. When is the last time you settled down, put your watch away, and actually lived? Let’s take a moment for ourselves and no longer work for the clock, but live for today.

Just a thought. 

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Tunnel Vision

Today is a special post. A post that has been inspired by a chat I had recently with a lovely lovely lady.

Yesterday I was surfing the web looking for ways to spread Pagan pride and love and I came across an article in a small publication from the UK. The title intrigued me, it simply read “Figure it out, people.” Well, as I read the article it had nothing to do with what I though it would, but I contacted the author. In my messaged I asked why she had titled it that way, where did the inspiration come from, and why in the world did the title have nothing to do with the article.


She was quick to reply! She stated very vaguely that her title was just something that came into her mind when she finished the article. She said she was inspired to write an article about people’s bad habits (hence waking up, I guess), and that the title had everything to do with the article. We began chatting with one another about the bad habits in the article, and of course, I had a desire to equate them to the Pagan faith.

This is what I concluded. We as Pagans look at ourselves as open, loving, and ready to help those in need and whom are new to the faith/craft/lifestyle whatever you like to call it, but then when we are behind closed doors there is a strange occurrence. We are bigots, we send love to those in a public fashion, but do we honestly tolerate and accept the other groups, traditions, creeds under the Pagan umbrella? All this talk about how old one person’s faith is seems to be a qualifier to be better than one another.

We suffer from tunnel vision. We see one thing and one thing only. Do we truly open our hearts to all? Are we truly here to spread love, light, and blessings? What made us this way? Our minds closed to the ideologies of others? It’s time to open our eyes.

I know I have done this before and probably will still do it, but I’m making a conscious effort to be open to love, to not boast, to be proactive in helping those in need.

Take the challenge with me, listen and do not judge even when you are not in the person’s presence. Glorify diversity. Let’s support one another.

Blessings all!


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What is a paradigm you ask? It is an internal road map that was created by our social surroundings, our family, and our own mentalities. Something that not many people realize is that these paradigms can be debilitating at times and keep us as a person from our real dreams, impeding us from reaching our true destined goals.

Let’s think about this a bit more. When we are children we are fueled by passion. There is a sense of “I can do whatever I want!” When people ask, what do you want to be when you grow up, you simply reply with whatever you have fixated on at that point in your life, but as we grow older we are told to get an education, to find a career, and to stick with the mundane. Where has the passion gone?!

These are negative paradigms. A voice in our heads says we can’t do certain things because we aren’t rich, we aren’t pretty, we aren’t smart. This stems from us choosing to limit ourselves. Friends, today is not the day to sit placidly on the side lines. Take your power back! Be who YOU want to be, not what anyone else wants you to be. You are a treasure, not garbage.

If you want to start your own business, start researching how to do it! Make a game plan and stick with it.

If you want to quit your job and do something new, DO IT! Make the decision to love yourself, and to have faith in your decisions, change your paradigm riddled with fear and be a success! Have your plan, set it into motion, and be blessed!

I will be doing this with you, changing my paradigms of fear, rerouting my internal road map so that I can live to my full potential! Join me! 🙂

A prayer to help:

God and Goddess I love thee so, Help me understand this internal woe. Break me free, raise me up, I pray blessings fill my cup. Blessed be!

Blessings friends!!