Neglecting the written word…Oopsy

Good day all!

I know that when you subscribed you wanted my written thoughts, and my information (mostly opinion lol) well I have completely neglected this site and have devoted so much time to my studies as well as my YouTube channel, I hope you subscribe to that. You can see my bright and shining face as well as get some more information on other topics. BUT! I do hope to start posting here more often, starting now.

The written word.

Throughout time the written word has been coveted to bring together nations, tear them apart, inspire, and destroy. How powerful the pen and how mighty the wordsmiths of old and new. It brings to mind the idea that all things are possible when the written word is involved. For many Pagans, the written word is the a way of archiving our deepest thoughts and religious prowess. For the more magically inclined individuals, the written word iterates the spells and incantations to bring forth change either positive or more dark.

The written word has power because it brings with it the ability to observe, to review, to contemplate, and to conclude. The written word forces, compels, and entices revision. It is striking and powerful. Let’s speak not only of the word as a practical way to remember the past, but an entity to form the future.

May this Samhain bring you blessings to you and yours. May it be the transition you have always wanted and be forever changed to bring positivity in your life forever and ever.

Blessed be!