Tunnel Vision

Today is a special post. A post that has been inspired by a chat I had recently with a lovely lovely lady.

Yesterday I was surfing the web looking for ways to spread Pagan pride and love and I came across an article in a small publication from the UK. The title intrigued me, it simply read “Figure it out, people.” Well, as I read the article it had nothing to do with what I though it would, but I contacted the author. In my messaged I asked why she had titled it that way, where did the inspiration come from, and why in the world did the title have nothing to do with the article.


She was quick to reply! She stated very vaguely that her title was just something that came into her mind when she finished the article. She said she was inspired to write an article about people’s bad habits (hence waking up, I guess), and that the title had everything to do with the article. We began chatting with one another about the bad habits in the article, and of course, I had a desire to equate them to the Pagan faith.

This is what I concluded. We as Pagans look at ourselves as open, loving, and ready to help those in need and whom are new to the faith/craft/lifestyle whatever you like to call it, but then when we are behind closed doors there is a strange occurrence. We are bigots, we send love to those in a public fashion, but do we honestly tolerate and accept the other groups, traditions, creeds under the Pagan umbrella? All this talk about how old one person’s faith is seems to be a qualifier to be better than one another.

We suffer from tunnel vision. We see one thing and one thing only. Do we truly open our hearts to all? Are we truly here to spread love, light, and blessings? What made us this way? Our minds closed to the ideologies of others? It’s time to open our eyes.

I know I have done this before and probably will still do it, but I’m making a conscious effort to be open to love, to not boast, to be proactive in helping those in need.

Take the challenge with me, listen and do not judge even when you are not in the person’s presence. Glorify diversity. Let’s support one another.

Blessings all!


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