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We have begun a campaign entitled “Pentacles of Pride.” A non-profit organization that will be making Pentacles free and available for all Pagans.  The organization will also help fund special programs of Charity to spread love and light by through acts of kindness and supplying food for those in need. These special projects will include: sending supplies to children in impoverishment, community centers, and creating workshops for Pagans wishing to further the movement. We are in the process of designing a website with a donation button and speaking to lawyers to make the organization federally recognized.

To fund the program we have decided to compile a book of stories from many Pagans. These stories can range from Coming out of the broom closet tales, to simple prayers that you wish to share with the community. All profit we get from the book will be used solely to fuel the Pentacles of Pride movement.

This is where I ask for your aid in making history. If you would like to be apart of this movement, please send your personal stories. Your affirmations, your prayers, your fears, any story you wish to share. You will be featured in the book, and thus a published writer. All credit will be given fully. Once the book is published we will of course let each and every writer know and will also send information on how to purchase it so that it can be spread through out the world.

Remember: To cut through the darkness a candle must be lit, so shall our hearts be the beacons of love and light to break through this endless night.

Please send submissions to :

I look forward to your stories,

Love and light!



p.s. As the movement grows and more funds are available, we will begin to build temples throughout the world. These Pagan temples will be havens of love and light. We wish to spread the love of the God and Goddess throughout the world.

Experience of the God and Goddess

Today I went outside to take my dog for a bit of a walk as well as to get some well needed fresh air. The day was crisp, but not cold, simply inviting. There was a shift from earlier, something new, something lovely. I disregarded the change at first, but then a light wind began and it brushed my exposed fleshed and I felt at peace. It was almost as if the wind itself had brought comfort. It had purified me. I was free. As Lilith, my black lab puppy, walked the length of the leash she led me closer to the patch of trees near my apartment complex. This place is less than spectacular, but living in a city-setting any section of nature is an affirmation of the love of the God and Goddess.

She accelerated and brought me closer and closer to the patch of grass, she must have been on a trail. I looked down at the grass that has browned due to the hot summer, and now the rainless autumn. The closer my toddler familiar and I stepped toward the small tree patch the grass began to become increasingly green. I look up from the grass and in front of my me no more than 100 yards was a strong and beautiful Stag. Although I do not live in a booming metropolis, seeing a stag here in this over populated setting is very rare.

At first my heart begins to race because this sight is both beautiful and terrifying. Wild animals are often unpredictable. I find myself whispering, “God and Goddess hold me tight, keep me safe.” Instantly I feel a presence by my side. Although I do not physically hear words, my mind is filled with a thought of safety and love, as if this sighting was meant to occur.




This moment was probably only a few seconds, but it felt like a welcomed eternity. I felt the leash in my hand tug and it reminded me that Lilith was on the other end of the braided rope.  I looked forward to see Lilith has assumed the seated position and her head is slightly bowed. Could this be the Horned King? The God I worship every day, the pure entity of love, strength, and joy?

A truck passes near me and it breaks my gaze. When I turn back, the Stag is gone, but the moment and feeling of safety and love is not.

As I walk back to my apartment I realize that there is no way the Stag could have ran anywhere except toward me, there is a 9 foot fence behind the trees, and there are apartment buildings touches the fence on either side. It simply vanished.

I prayed soon after and offered up libation to the God and Goddess. Cinnamon and Clove and a bit of wax from a Sugar Spruce candle.
This experience was one of the most intense and beautiful experiences of my life. I will never forget it.

Yule is coming!!!!

If you have a story of how the God and/or Goddess have come unto you, please post it below! Love and Light to all!


The Video Blog

I have been asked this question quite a bit lately: Where are my videos for my video blog?

They are posted under the tab called “The Video Blog” I realize now that I did not advertise them very well. haha. there are several videos about many different topics. I hope you enjoy!

If you have any suggestions for Videos or Blog posts please let me know!

Love and Light.

Bore from love, light knows no bounds

Love in lights












Many times in our lives we lose sight of what is most important. Not because we are lazy, not because we wish to escape the world entirely, but simply because we are too busy and as the world changes we do not change with it. Personally, I find myself wading through the dark parts of life, clinging to a reason to breathe, perhaps a reason to stay in the darkness. How does that make sense? I have found through several sessions of meditation that it is perhaps, because we fear things that are different. Darkness is always apart of life, no matter how much light we surround ourselves, to stay balanced we must have darkness. And if we look at the cycle of life, we live then we die. Death, although morbid, is also one of the most natural points in our lives. It is inevitable.

I believe that the state of darkness, although necessary, also hides us from our internal understanding as well as the love of the outside world. A challenge for anyone is to look into themselves and find love, to find a reason to love their own self.

I challenge everyone this week to write a list of all of the beautiful things about yourself, what makes you  tick. Why would someone else love you? Spend time on this, don’t dismiss it and say, “No one will love me.” That is fear speaking, The God and Goddess have not given us a spirit of fear. We have manifest fear in our own psyche, believe and you shall overcome, love and you will never be alone.

Love and light to all!