The Lythia Rede

I have had a lot of people come to me asking what the Lythia rede is. My sect of Paganism is called Lythia Paganism, if you did not know already.

Below I have provided our Rede. It has been translated from Lythia 🙂

On the wings of the dove

The words of this rede are forged in love

God and Goddess, rulers of this world and the next

I vow to put you above the rest

You alone hold my soul in your hands

I vow to shine my light throughout the lands

Love is held within my heart

May it be shone through words, actions, and the arts

I am the face of the Goddess and God on earth

I shall spread light, love, and mirth

My dedication shall be seen through prayer, action, and sacrifice

I shall strive to live void of vice

I vow to be faithful in this life and the next

May fullness of life by my quest

I shall send and receive three by three

Thus I live a life of purity

My path is written upon every sacred tree

And by the God and Goddess Blessed Be

Have a blessed day everyone!


Upcoming Events!

Hello all!


I have found that many people are so busy and it is hard to find time to meditate and pray. I am not one to give excuses not to pray or have a formal prayer session every once and a while, but I have found that as my life continues to get more and more busy I have also found myself in this boat.

So! To remedy this, I have added more work to my schedule to help the community as a whole! What I have decided to do is make a Podcast that will be in conjunction with the Pagan’s Pathway Blog, Vlog, and Twitter (@paganspathway) account. It will be mostly prayers and guided mediations that you can download and then put on your MP3 device.

This will make prayer, guided meditation, and some general information quick and accessible at any time. While you run, are driving to work, or any other activity you may choose. I hope this helps adds to your spiritual journey.

The first Podcast is a short description of Lythia Paganism. A small sect of Paganism in the Arkansas River Valley that is rapidly growing! Blessings and light!

The Podcast

Book of Shadows Pages

I will also be making templates for your personal Book of Shadows! So that you can make them really cool and fun!


New Pages!

I will making seperate pages for each new type of post for example: Podcasts, Templates and Photos, and Herbs. So keep a heads up to the new formatting of the site!


Future Posts:

Over the weekend, I will be writing several posts for everyone that will include information on Handfasting, some new recipes, and herbs of the week! I can’t wait to get these to you!

Have a blessed day!



This is amazing! I’m definitely going to try it out!

Homespun Haley.

I love me some homemade pot holders. They add a vibrant and unique touch to your kitchen. So naturally, I like to make these for people who are setting up there first or new home. My dear friend Kara, the newlywed, received these pot holders, along with an apron, for her new Seahawks-colored kitchen.

If you’re looking for a quick sew or are just learning, this would be a great project. They are so simple to make. Here’s how:

Materials needed: An 8 1/4″ X 8 1/4″ square of Insul-Bright or another heat-rated batting. I actually used two layers. Two 8″ X 8″ squares of fabric for the exterior. For the border you will need at least 36″ worth of fabric. It should be 2″ wide.  However you go about doing that, if you have one long strip, or two or three. Doesn’t matter. You can sew the ends together beforehand. If you are…

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Raising Pagan Children

Many people wonder how they will ever bring a child into the world, anxieties such as, “Will he/she be healthy?” “Will my child live a blessed life?” Many parents go through this stage and are absolutely terrified of how the outcome will turn out. Now add the element of religion to it. Paganism is, as many of you know, a very difficult topic to discuss with people outside the realm of the faith. We don’t want to keep people out of the faith, but we want to protect our children and our faith from ignorance.

Well, the only way to shed light in an otherwise dark and ignorant-ruled world is to open up and allow the love of the faith shine to your friends and family and of course those who surround us every day. Now when Pagan children are concerned, let them live. Let them breath and decide to tell who they want. As parents, educate them on the faith and then let them live their spiritual life. They are individuals and lovely, they are protected by the God and Goddess. When you fear that the faith will bring them harm, then you are losing faith. Have faith that you and your child will be safe, and you should not have any worry.

If a beautiful Pagan child is brought up in this world, then ignorance will be broken, light will be shed on the world little by little, and as the light grows it will glow throughout the world as a beacon of love and hope.

Here are a few things for Pagan children.

If you are expecting a child:

Hang three dried apples by blue or pink ribbon above the mother’s bed. Say the following prayer three times every night.

Safe precious child are you in me

Healthy and perfect shall you be

By the God and Goddess

Blessed Be

Here are a few prayers for your child:

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the God and Goddess my soul to keep

And if I die before the morn,

I pray my soul to be reborn

Another fun night prayer:

Thank you God and Goddess for this day

You have brought me love and blessings in every way

I pray I sleep and am greeted with pleasant dreams and light

And tomorrow may I be filled with Your love and might.

I hope this sheds some light on raising a Pagan child!

Blessings and Light!


Here are a few books you may want to take a look at; they are all excellent tools.

The Earth Child’s Handbook – Book 1: Crafts and inspiration for the spiritual child.

 A Pagan Book of ABC’s

Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions

Raising Witches


Staying In Touch

Many times in our lives we find it difficult to stay in touch with family, with friends, loved ones, and even our favorite online personalities. I find that we live in an age that is virtual and connected only by the click of a button or a few strokes of a keyboard. I want to connect to my followers, my friends, and family on a personal level. I want to touch their hearts and they touch mine. I believe that deep down inside, that is what everyone wishes, to feel the love that surrounds them!

Praise to the God and Goddess, I hope to see you all soon!


Pagan’s Pathway is growing! Recently there has been an influx of interest on Pagan’s Pathway the blog. As you have seen in an earlier post I have started a Vlog and Twitter to accompany this site.

To make things a bit more connected, I have decided to make a Facebook page as well! Hope to see you there!

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Love and Light!


Calling Forth a Spirit Guide

Hello all!

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about how to call forth a spirit guide! So, before I let you know this bit of information, I’m going to let you know what a Spirit Guide is, where it comes from and some other neat basics.

What is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit guide is a human soul that is connected to you. It’s purpose is to, clearly, guide you in your endeavors, as well as protect you from any negativity that may be coming your way. That said, if you are the person causing the negativity to come ie. dark activities, over indulgence, self-loathing, and the like, then the Spirit guide can only counsel you and hope that you will make the decision to cleanse and come back to the light. so-to-speak. These guides are sometimes your ancestors, or spirits you cross on your journey, but other times they just randomly follow you and don’t really have any previous connection to you.

Where do they come from?

This answer is varied between faiths. This is how my faith explains it. The God, who rules over our souls when we leave our physical vessels (when we die), takes our soul and decides where it will go next. He examines our life and the lives that have come before the current one and through his process he decides if the soul needs to be a spirit guide, or to be immediately reincarnated. It is a blessing to become a spirit guide because it is a sign that the God trusts you to lead and protect the next generation.

How do I find my Spirit Guide?

Well this is the most controversial part of this post. There are countless methods of calling forth your spirit guide from meditation, screaming into the wind, using an incantation, being assigned one by a High Priest/Priestess, or my favorite choice, by asking the God and Goddess. Many times, people think that they are not “good enough” for a spirit guide, or that since they can’t see spirits they wont’ be able to have a spirit guide, this my friends, is completely incorrect. A lot of faiths call spirit guides “Guardian Angels.” Most of the time these guides are not seen, but they are felt. You must keep in mind that you have to be open to having help to be able to receive a guide. SO! How do you find it?

Here are a few ways:

1) This first way is my favorite…Prayer! If you need a little extra help, find a quiet space and pray to the God and Goddess and ask for a daily guide. You will be rewarded if you look for the signs.

2) This one is a little more hands-on and this should only be done if you have prayed and you believe your spirit guide is having a bit of difficulty getting to you. (Sometimes there is a bit of frequency errors on their part, you know transit and such. So, they just need a little nudge in the right direction)

Light 1 white candle and say the following 3 times

I call my guide from veil to veil

This chant will not fail

Flame and wax work as one

Call the spirit whose work is not yet done

Blow out the candle, go to sleep, and in the morning meditate on your guide and he/she will show his/herself to you. Perhaps not in a physical representation, but you will definitely feel them.

Do not fear, my friends, you are loved and you have help. Thanks be to the Goddess and God.

Blessed Be!


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