The Forgotten Goddess

The Beauty of the Goddess

This topic was suggested by a friend of mine, Alan Jay. He is an angel therapist and utilizes the energy and power of the higher-self to bring forth healing and clarity. Thank you for the topic.

Alright everyone, there has been a lot of talk about the Goddess being forgotten and her return, but let’s talk about this a bit more, what has really been forgotten?
Has the beauty of nature been forgotten? No, it sure hasn’t. Artist found throughout the world have been painting, sculpting, composing, singing, playing, and creating continuously, they have never stopped. Inspiration is brought forth by nature; it is the power of the natural world changing your current situation. It is the Goddess and her love shining down on us.

Has faith been lost? No, it sure has not, faith of the Pagan faith has always been present, perhaps small at times, but only when faith is strained does it grow stronger. After the darkness of the night, the early beams of light are the brightest. The Goddess has never left our faith. She has been diligent and strong in keeping us safe and strong in our faithful pursuits.

Has love been lost? No. No matter where you are in the world, love is ever present. Love is a never ending energy, the only energy that is pure. Love is given and it is received by the God and Goddess because they love each other and they love us. We will never forget the Goddess if we have love, because love is worship of the Goddess.

The Goddess has not been forgotten, she has been here, but in different forms. Love, is the name of the Goddess. If we have love, the Goddess will never be forgotten.

Perhaps what has been forgotten is the God. The horned king, ruler of the afterlife, connected fully with the Goddess. Honor and love the two must be ever present because they are both the reason we live and breathe and grow in our spirit and our lives on this earth. Neither deity should be forgotten.

Have a great day!
Blessed Be!

(Thank you Alan)
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Living Now When Tomorrow Looks so Good


Today I woke up early, this was a complete accident, my body simply had slept long enough. As I lay in bed contemplating starting my day, my mind wandered to several topics. The future, the past, what my life is now, and what it may become later.

I found that the future is a day, a minute, a second away and that we will never capture the future. Also the past a day, a minute, second ago and we will never capture it. We are always physically in the present, even of we can time travel, we would be in the present of that time so why are we always chasing the dreams of tomorrow and saying it will get better tomorrow? Why are we living in the past, saying “I was happy when…” let’s make our happiness now. Let’s seize the day, it’s ours for the taking, sure goals take time to manifest and be realized, but making decisions now that will lead to their fruition is living in the present an on a basic first-step level achieving that goal.

The past and future are not tangible. They cannot be held or understood because it is not current. It’s either out of date or not invented yet. Let’s use our current technology and learn that life is here for us to enjoy and to love now.

Have a great day everyone!!
Blessed Be.

Errands of the God and Goddess

Today I had to run a few errands and I decided to do a bit of meditation and yoga before heading out. For those who know about having to go to the bank and work out university issues, you know a good meditation is well needed.

Well, as I was meditating I had an urge to change from my t-shirt to a button up shirt. This way my pentagram necklace is shown and, I looked rather snazzy.

Well while I was out running errands and what-not three people asked me what my pendant meant. Of course I told them, happy to get the word out. Now, mind you, I live in a very close minded area where Paganism and Satan worship are synonymous to most, which is sad since there is no devil in the craft. Anyway, I told these people the same thing. “this is a symbol of my faith, I am a Pagan.”
To my surprise I was not scoffed at or told I was going to hell, I was met with kindness.
One woman said, “good for you, I can’t say I believe the same as you, but I’m glad a young person is taking initiative and showing off their faith proudly”

An older gentleman told me he had never heard of paganism before and asked me to tell him about it. When I finished the very abridged version of the faith he paused and said, “that sounds like a peaceful and very spiritual faith.”

And the final person told me her grandmother was a Pagan and that she had not seen that symbol since she was a little girl. She thanked me for reminding her of her grandmother and all of the happy moments they shared together.

As I drove home I felt proud and uplifted as if the God and Goddess led me to these people just to let then know that the Pagan faith is still strong today, still gentle, and still familial.

I wanted to share this with everyone because I hope it awakens us all to have strength and pride in our faith.

Have a beautiful day, my friends.
Blessed Be.

Bringing Forth a Hidden Spirit

Some spirits do not wish for you to see them. If you fear that they are hiding themselves for dark reasons, you clan use this incantation to make them show themselves.

Note: If this is not a spirit, but an anxiety due to an even that has happened or will happen, you will have an increase in empathy. This is not a glamour incantation. How it works is that you are asking your self to see something that is blocked, on a psychological level, your inner pain and sorrow may be at fault. So, do be prepared if that is the case.

With 3 white candles lit, say the following chant 3 times.

Spirit hidden from my sight

show yourself for this night

No longer can you hide

As you walk, I’ll see your stride

From the shadows I pull you near

To be seen by my eye and heard in my ear

I welcome thee for only this night

And I so mot it be as the moon lowers her tide.

Alright, I hope this helps.

Have a blessed day!


Pagan’s that Pray

Recently I have increased my prayer for other people. Normally when we think of praying for others we look at prayer circles and many Christian made spiritual support groups, but honestly this isn’t the case. Prayer is not a Christian invention. The word prayer means to request assistance from a high authority. For us, this is the God and Goddess.


In the community it is popular to say, “I’m sending you good energy,” or “Love to you in your trying times.” These are intentional, and directional, meaning you are sending your personal healing energy to the person. This is a wonderful practice that causes inner faith and strength to grow as you do these acts of kindness out of love.

Prayer on the other hand calls upon the God and Goddess.

Here is an example of a short prayer:

“God and Goddess, give me strength”

An example of a longer prayer would be,

“God and Goddess hear my cry, I call to you on this dark night, I thank you now for all you’ve done, and for the light of the moon and sun. I ask you now for this one request, strength and confidence through this mess. I pray the darkness away from my life; allow my sadness to take flight. By the God and Goddess so mote it be, and so I say Blessed Be.”

As you can see, prayer comes in all shapes and sizes, and they do not have to rhyme. I personally like longer prayers to rhyme because they keep me focused and they are easier for me to memorize, but a rhyme scheme is not required for a prayer. Prayer is natural and beautiful, let it flow through you.

Praying for other people:

When you want to send a specific prayer out to someone, take a white candle and charge it while thinking of them. We “charge” a candle in this manner simply by meditating on the person and their needs at the time. The candle becomes a symbol of them this will be the trail your energy and prayer will ride on. You can also call out to the wind and burn incense if you feel more connected to the air element.

Once the candle is charged, light it and say your prayer. Leave the candle burning for a bit as you meditate and just breathe in good energy which can be sent to the person also, for healing or soothing qualities.

Candle lighting is also not necessary, prayer to the God and Goddess holds power no matter what physical representation you have. Faith is what makes prayer work, it’s what makes everything work, let love be the fuel which your faith burns.

Have a blessed day everyone, I hope to see you in a prayer circle. If you would like to join an online prayer circle please let me know you have interest and I will create one.

Blessed Be!


Fire-Side Conversation From Me to You

Hand in Hand, Love is Neverending

Today I simply want to talk with everyone who follow, or who will come across this post.

Today, we live in a world where people are progressively coming closer to the earth. People yearn to know what it is like to grow something by their own hands. No longer are we the lazy group of people that everyone wants to see us as. I believe that the closer to the earth that we get, then the closer we will get to ourselves. Let’s face it, we are born of the earth, whether you are Pagan or Christian we come from the earth. Adam was made of mud, and we are born of the womb of the Goddess. From the earth we come and so shall we return, so why would we disown her while we are alive? If you won’t live healthier for you, why not your children? We have to stand up for our future generations and the impact that we will leave on the earth.

The Pagan movement is growing, what will you be remembered as? I pride myself on being kind and helping everyone I can who is in need. I know that I am not perfect and I make mistakes, but who doesn’t? The beautiful thing about life is that we can learn from our mistakes and mend the errors we have made. We can also mend the mistakes of our ancestors. The loss of the ozone from overuse of CFC and other Aerosols is a problem of the past, but it’s affects will be with us forever, but we can learn from that. We can mend the earth, now.

We are in the age of Pagan, the age of the earth, we walk hand and hand with the God and Goddess let’s make them proud. Let’s shine our light for everyone to see. A Smile is a weapon, because it is powerful and a representation of the joy our Deities have bestowed upon us. Kindness is our  sword against ignorance and stereotype. Faith is our shield against the negativity of those who despise us. I will walk with you brothers and sisters. In faith, in love, hand in hand with you and the God and Goddess.

Have a blessed day and never lose sight of the beauty we have been given.

Blessed be!


Candle Magick: A Quick Guide

Candle magick is used as a symbol, not so much as an actual magickal entity. Lighting a certain colored candle will not make a prayer simply come to fruition, no, but it will add power to a prayer and allow the intent to be represented physically.

Alright here is a quick reference guide:

White is balance and it symbolizes purity.

Yellow is uplifting and keeps the soul happy. Use this to bring forht confidence and imagination.

Orange helps with control and strength within.

Gold augments intuition and financial success.

Pink is happy and positive, it symbolizes friendship and morality.

Red is strength and passion birth and death.

Purple symbolizes spiritual coherence and ambition. This is also a remembrance candle. Light a purple candle on Samhain to represent a fallen ancestor or friend.

Magenta: Spiritual healing.

Brown: This symbolizes earth and concentration.

Indigo: For meditation.

Light blue: Use to relax and bring forth serenity and inner peace.

Green: Prosperity and Luck

Silver: Stability

Black: For binding and banishing

I do not use all of these colours, I actually only subscribe to Black, White, Purple, Blue, and Red, but the choice is yours.

I hope this quick guide helps you in your prayers.

Blessed Be!